5/30/21 3:36PM

.... In my garage... next to several oxygen tanks and acetylene, some propane, and even a couple of bottles of MAP-PRO, is a 300cuft tank of MAPP. You’re quite correct, I haven’t been able to buy a new bottle in about a decade. Read more

5/29/21 3:23PM

You keep correcting things I’m not saying, when I say MAPP gas, I mean MAPP gas, 5300 degree flames, not 3700 from the silly tanks you get at home depot.

5/28/21 7:32PM

I didn’t miss anything about the convenience. Generally speaking I use my sous vide to put something on when I leave the house at 9am, and come back to it to finish at 5pm. Throw potatoes and butter into one, meat into the other for wicked easy mashed potatoes and steak. Read more

5/28/21 3:16PM

I’ve seen this! It’s a great video for this exact reason! I have to say it depends when I’m cooking and how much time I have. Using a chimney or a roaring (ridiculously over vented charcoal grill) grill imparts some absolutely wonderful flavor for steak, but takes longer and tends to start cooking in deeper than I’d Read more

5/28/21 3:08PM

Yeah, I’m super confused by the searing before... He’s treating the sous vide like it were a slow cooker or a smoker where you need to create a bit of a “seal” around the outside of the meat to keep it from drying out as it cooks. I feel like he doesn’t understand what it does, or the benefits of the vacuum over Read more

5/17/21 11:59AM

People don’t brush their grills every time they use them?!

5/17/21 11:17AM

Also... I’ve gotten my grill up well over 800 degrees, and I don’t generally put a dog, steak, or piece of chicken on until I’ve hit 400, which is about 45 minutes of getting the coals up to temp. If there’s anything alive after that, my BBQ has just bred the worlds next pandemic.

5/11/21 12:58PM

I have never noticed any audio deficit with any pair of headphones I have used, from £5 to£200 value. Maybe a pair or two of the cheap thowaways became scratchy at high volume. Read more

5/03/21 6:38PM

together run their charitable organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which does something I’m sure. I just couldn’t tell any of you what exactly. Read more

4/09/21 11:41AM

They’ll close it, fight it in court, lose, and pay each employee a years “salary”. And none of it will hurt their bottom line. Rinse, repeat in every city that tries it. Read more