Jan 26 2019

My week sucked. I was mugged the other day and lost my bag, purse, keys. I had to wait 3 hours for the council to gain entry to my flat, then the food bank couldn’t help me and I was not in the mood to argue the fact, I was weepy and upset. I nearly put my phone in pawn to afford to get through the next few weeks but Read more

Jan 13 2018

This is why I don’t comment anymore. Every time I see a few usernames I want to scream at them to shut the fuck up and listen for once in their goddamn lives, but I don’t want to be re-grayed for starting shit. If you’re a dude who comments repeatedly on almost every post and are reading this right now: please know Read more

Dec 6 2017

oh maybe I wasn’t clear. All those ellipses were to show how fucking confused I was about you suggesting that we just do away with intersectionality.

Dec 5 2017

Ooh Lawd, I was in a “lively debate” with a friend of a relative-in-law. He’s a cop. He, bravely albeit naively, decided to defend his “brothers in blue” to some relatives. I told him that if “Dale the Good Cop” chooses to ignore the indescretions of bad cops, then Dale isn’t a good cop. He stated that many good cops Read more

Nov 6 2017

yes, making a comment about the awkward phrasing on the gossip round up of this website is why men don’t come forward. I’m sorry I’m not giving him enough kudos for doing the bare minimum.

Aug 9 2017

Aptitude for what? The point is that a: what it says it tests for it really doesn’t (suitability for college) and b: by leaning heavily on that test we lose out on actual deep thinkers as those SATs are shallow as shit.

Aug 9 2017

Of course. And the reason kinja says I’m spelling colour, humour and flavour incorrectly is because I am, right? Read more

May 16 2017

Thank you! It’s always gratifying to see a bit of active moderation, especially on a post like this one.

May 13 2017

Yeah the definite way to level the playing field is for the oppressed to bite their tongues and avoid posting silly harmless memes that vent their frustration with toxic systemic oppression.

Apr 10 2017

“[A]n immature and stupid response that literally could not have ended any other way.” What an impressively succinct encapsulation of exactly the type of reflexive bootlickery Burneko denounced in his piece. And the nice thing is, you can make literally the same exact argument in favor of literally any act of defiance Read more

Apr 10 2017

Counter counterpoint: he has made all his legal remedies more valuable and effective by raising the stakes.

Apr 10 2017

This is the same argument for people who argue in favor of management over labor. Theoretically, only a tiny, fraction of a percent of people should be making those arguments, yet, anecdotally, it is an alarmingly large percentage.

Apr 10 2017

This whole “OBEY ANY AND EVERY ORDER YOU ARE GIVEN OR YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE FORFEIT” deal aboard airliners is getting really old.

Apr 4 2017

Something else that’s present in “Chasing Amy” (albeit as a subplot with Hooper) is the idea of marginalized identities within marginalized communities. How do you reconcile all pieces of yourself when you know that to be public with that is to lose the support of one of the communities you identify with?