6/05/21 11:53AM

I say this all the time, but no matter how blue the state, once you get a certain distance outside of the cities, you are basically in Alabama.

6/04/21 1:34PM

Yeah I did right after I replied originally, I too wanted to remember who they drafted instead (I am a glutton for punishment it seems). Read more

6/04/21 1:01PM

Came to comment that I actually liked the typo, and I’m glad you were forced to let it stand.  ;-)

6/03/21 3:53PM

Serious question: is the judge limited to the evidence from the trial like the jury? Or can the judge consider that Chauvin had complaints and disciplinary action, (and another case in the works - not the federal - if I recall correctly) prior to George Floyd’s murder? Read more

6/03/21 3:47PM

My dislike for Carmelo Anthony is only exceeded by the dislike for JR Smith and Raymond Felton, so essentially the core of the 2012 team. Most disliked’s a tight race between Scott Williams and Stacey King

6/03/21 11:39AM

As a lifelong Knicks fan and yet also a realist I will list the real Knicks hero’s in my personal order, 1. Walt Frazier 2. Patrick Ewing 3. Willis Reed 4. Bernard King 5. Myself, for continuing to be a fan of a team that at times didn’t deserve me. I don’t think Trae Young is a villain, just a terrific young player Read more

6/02/21 2:01PM

We all know that if David Stern were alive he would do all he could to get him to a larger market. Hey Adam get this man to New York. You know you want to. Someone said this was the best playoff performance in a losing effort of all time. I am not going that far but it is in the top 5. Isiah in Game 6 in 88 & Jordan’s Read more

6/02/21 1:13PM

Lilliard can’t leave Portland, what other NBA city has a friends convention where you can meet Carrie Brownstein and become her friend ?

6/02/21 1:10PM

  Aren’t performances like this banned under the Sokovia Accords?

5/28/21 10:17AM

“Boys being boys!” and “locker room talk!” and “letting off steam!” and “just economic anxiety!” and “heat of the moment!” and
Read more