Yesterday 4:47PM

Same here as well. I loved Maher when I was in my teens and 20s. A few years ago, after getting HBO access for the first time in awhile, I watched him and was like “What the fuck kind of smug prick did I used to be that I loved this dude so much?”

Yesterday 4:41PM

Exactly. If smoking weed with Black friends was all it took to be anti-racist, then I’ve been a civil rights hero since high school.

Yesterday 4:26PM

Wait, there was one time that Kevin Hart was kinda canceled, and I love it. He tried to make a fucking movie called “Run the Jewels,” and El-P and Killer Mike shut that shit down, bahahaha Read more

Yesterday 4:03PM

And another borderline superstar guard in Dumars, and a wing/post presence in Aguirre that was only two years removed from being a perennial 25 ppg scorer. 

Yesterday 2:49PM

Agreed. The best white male comic on that show in recent years is Beck Bennett, who is better than almost anyone I’ve ever seen at playing an oblivious moron. Read more

Yesterday 2:29PM

Especially considering this season has largely felt like a rebuttal to all the critiques that he was washed and didn’t have what it takes to go all the way. Read more

Yesterday 2:21PM

If he’s vaccinated and shows no symptoms, he’ll almost certainly not miss time even if Jazz/Clips doesn’t go 7.

Yesterday 11:45AM

Exactly. Be funny, then establish yourself as someone that people maybe want to hear the not-as-funny stuff from, and go from there. 

Tuesday 5:18PM

Didn’t see the follow-up that was 10 minutes before my last post. Sorry. Started to respond and then was interrupted with actual work. That one was a bridge too far for me, too. I agree with what they were saying before that last one for the most part, but I also agree with you that there isn’t a context that would Read more

Tuesday 4:21PM

I don’t think anyone was saying there was a context that would make it OK or appropriate. 

Tuesday 3:30PM

If it makes you feel better about whatever you and your wife did, about 10 years ago I came back from a Sox/Cubs day game to rejoin a pool party that was going on all weekend and: tried to hook up with someone’s girlfriend right in front of him; broke a jacuzzi; got in the pool when everyone else was running in when Read more

Tuesday 11:33AM

Sixers fans are the ones who should really regret it. Everyone knew he’d be a perfect piece on the wing for them, local kid, two national titles at Nova, THEY ACTUALLY DRAFTED HIM....and then traded him for Zhaire Smith, who would do absolutely nothing for him, to save like $1-2 in cap space that also ended up doing Read more