It's a "Porch-uh"
Jun 13 2018
Subaru Options

So now that I’m in the PNW I’m looking to replace my lowered A4 Avant with something I can take off into the

Jan 22 2018
PC Racing Sim Players?

Hey All - Finally getting my PC rig into shape and starting to actually race online. Anybody want to be my “friend?”

Sep 26 2016
It's been quite a weekend.

Wow. Saturday was the Miramar Air Show, which is one of the best... in the world. We had “backstage” access with

Sep 9 2016
Damn kids.

Why are so many FR-S/BRZs for sale salvage titles? Oh, right.

Aug 2 2016
Damn you, Velcro.

Apparently you’re not meant for 110+ degree heat. My damn FastPass (electronic toll tracker out here in California)

Jun 27 2016

Love watching Alex Roy keep poking at Richard Rawlings about his alleged coast-to-coast run.

May 13 2016
The Small Silver Speedster

For those Oppos with little girls, and/or fans of Dwight Knowlton’s other books, his new book is up on Kickstarter.

May 5 2016
Look, ma! I'm on TV!

I made it onto the episode of Top Gear US where they ran the 24hrs of LeMons. For about 1/2 a second I’m seen