“Horton, Here’s a Poo!”

I’d just like to note - because this story is important and some commenters seem confused - that it’s beyond appalling to compare white communities losing their accents because of globalization to the lingering effects of systematic cultural genocide that has marginalized and disempowered native communities for Read more

Heyyyyyyyy ladies and gentlejerks its 93.1 KJEZ with R-Slay and the Pubes Tube! Tune in on the hour for our call-in contest - the fiftieth caller gets a genuine Gertrude Stein Diva Cup! But first, we’re talking to fifteen MRAs who’ll give us some thoughtful and reasoned arguments about female hegemony...just Read more

Your cat may or may not be real.

Gotta start mild and build up to spicy hot by mid season.

Yeah, old rape law can perhaps best be viewed in the context that it was a duress defense against the charge of fornication or adultery, when women would actually be committing a crime by engaging in consensual sex with someone they weren’t married to. And like the typical duress defense, the actor’s free will must Read more

It’s almost as if there weren’t any women around when these laws were being drafted...

Also, alcohol hasn’t been considered a weapon. But I read somewhere that it’s the most common rape weapon. Read more

Well considering this is what judges thought of women and children who came out as victims of rape, that kind of law is not surprising: Read more

That’s an extremely important point. Great that you brought it up.

Can’t they call it the Turner bill? That would be most excellent!

Not necessarily sure. Her husband works for Proskauer Rose, which is a massive global big law firm with more than 700+ attorneys. If Sony was a direct client of his, that would be a problem, but the mere fact that an attorney at Proskauer represents Sony probably isn’t enough to be unethical. He seems to focus on Read more

I get that, but if you scratch their surface, they want it outlawed. They're trying to thread a needle that they don't actually believe in. Their coherence is masking an oppressive position that is bad for women.

Absolutely. Sanders has never been the selfless deity his supporters wanted to beleive him to be. He's an ego driven political animal who wants to win because he wants to win. He always has been.

I was having a debate in step with this the other night. My main point is that it’s troubling that Sanders is continuing a campaign supposedly to exercise the will of the people, but the people have spoken and they didn’t pick him. To continue on with this just shows he’s not really that different from every other old Read more

I tell her about the time [Joan] Rivers was on an overnight flight, and as it was about to land, the flight attendant leaned down to offer her breakfast. “Chicken and eggs?” said Rivers. “On the same plate? What is that, the mother-daughter special?” Schumer lets out a big laugh, as it is classic Joan but it is also a Read more

the woman literally emailed me right after the story went up to say “i’m glad you told that commenter to fuck off”

I’m curious how you were mislead, the title explains exactly what goes on in the article. Any inference about what that meant when you first saw it was entirely of your own design. You didn’t say the interview subject deserves respect. You told an author to change the title of an article she wrote that you didn’t like Read more