Jul 30 2017

I’d just like to note - because this story is important and some commenters seem confused - that it’s beyond appalling to compare white communities losing their accents because of globalization to the lingering effects of systematic cultural genocide that has marginalized and disempowered native communities for Read more

May 11 2017

can I just say he flamed me on Twitter for being an OKC thunder fan, in a very dickish way, and I hope Thrillist cans him too.

Mar 27 2017

I love how they’re like “which wine would you like to try today?” Like that’s a question? All of the wine. Read more

Mar 8 2017

Heyyyyyyyy ladies and gentlejerks its 93.1 KJEZ with R-Slay and the Pubes Tube! Tune in on the hour for our call-in contest - the fiftieth caller gets a genuine Gertrude Stein Diva Cup! But first, we’re talking to fifteen MRAs who’ll give us some thoughtful and reasoned arguments about female hegemony...just Read more

Aug 31 2016

Yeah, old rape law can perhaps best be viewed in the context that it was a duress defense against the charge of fornication or adultery, when women would actually be committing a crime by engaging in consensual sex with someone they weren’t married to. And like the typical duress defense, the actor’s free will must Read more