1:27 PM

My grandpa had 7 kids, worked as a plasterer through the 60s then spent a good chunk of the 70s unemployed before getting a job at the steel mill. He absolutely lived by “if it’s yellow let it mellow; if it’s brown flush it down” to keep the water bill low. When he died he had north of $100,000 in stocks and bonds and Read more

8:37 PM

I mean in their defense it’s better than my lifehack which is if the clothes are too small but really cute I keep them in my closet for the day they fit me/to remind me every time I open the closet that those clothes will never fit me.

8:25 PM

I HATE the Tiny Homes trend. How is living in a trailer a new thing? Bitch trailers have been around for forever. They have fucking parks of them.

4:38 PM

That’s pretty much my price point and through the years I’ve developed a pretty decent selection of $10ish wines that I know are good. EXCEPT my grocery store has an INSANE mark up on wine (like, at least $5 extra a bottle) that I either have to pay $15 for what I know is a $10 bottle of wine or I have to stop at a Read more

7:30 PM

Day drunk and free wine are like the two best things. Hangovers suck but still sounds worth it!

3:32 PM

OMG I can’t edit it and it won’t let me delete it kinja hates poetry. There’s three stanzas in that poem. The last line of every stanza is “I have been her kind.”

7:24 PM

I feel like it can only count as hypocrisy if you think his and her faults are similarly weighted. Like, yeah, I wish she hadn’t been dumb enough to think using a private email server wouldn’t bite her in the ass, but no I don’t think that’s anywhere near as bad as anything Trump did.

7:27 PM

She’s only facing jail because she refused to accept a plea. They didn’t set out to throw the book at her, that’s why they offered pleas to everyone.

1:18 PM

In what world is portraying women and people of color (always) in a particular way not real? I’m sorry are the show writers and directors and producers also fake? How deep does this go? Am I even real? Is my CAT real?!?!

1:12 PM

While I’m heartbroken that my tip about the official bills bar in DC stating on their website that they’re closed on Sundays didn’t make it on to billspin, this is still some good billspin content. Read more