Apr 17 2018

...um... I don’t know how you’re following this story and your takeaway is that Stormy Daniels is the one who’s getting screwed.

Apr 17 2018

Yeah, my husband and I both have PhDs in healthcare-adjacent fields, no major health issues, and I currently work for the federal government which is basically another PhD in dealing with bureaucracy. We still have struggled to navigate the insurance and health care system. To suggest that these people simply aren’t Read more

Apr 17 2018

This is really condescending and oversimplified and completely unhelpful. I’m a producer in Los Angeles with insurance and my out of pocket for my twins was still almost ten thousand dollars. Maybe that’s not a lot of money to you but I sure did everything by the books and it’s a lot of money to me to be expected to Read more

Apr 17 2018

I’m going to suppress my anger and assume you’re coming at this with the aim of helping people, so I’ll just point out that we don’t need to make things so needlessly complicated. This is a single mother and the father if not out of the picture, doesn’t seem too supportive about the whole thing. So right there she Read more

Apr 15 2018

Thank god we have a victim-blaming man’s opinion here! I mean, if only she’d look into it a bit more, she’d see that the men have it just as bad! Oh well, what more can we expect from some “moron” who just wants to be treated like a human being?

Apr 15 2018

The number of times that I have been told or have witnessed another female dancer be told, “There are a 100 other women waiting to do your job for free,” are countless because I have never bothered to count them. It’s ubiquitous. If you are a dancer (especially a ballet dancer), you spend your entire life being Read more

Apr 15 2018

So far, Michael Avenatti, has been right about everything. Trump’s legal team seems to come from the sale rack at Walmart. They haven’t seen anything like Avenatti. He’s been televising his punches and they still don’t see them coming.

Apr 15 2018

I admit to being a bit confused by this. I thought the right would be all over Trump’s nuts after the bombing. Totes presidential!!!!! “Murica, f**k yeah, comin’ again to save the mutha f**kin’ day, yeah!!” But Alex Jones was crying. I guess I don’t know the alt-right playbook.

Apr 15 2018

You don’t have to buy anything to sit in a Starbucks. It’s literally on the front of every door of every Starbucks.

Apr 15 2018

Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like the Hamburgler dressed in drag who’s left eye is furiously trying to escape back to the safety of Mayor McCheese’s hideout in a McDonald’s Playland.

Apr 15 2018

When it comes to Michael Avenatti his self-assuredness that he’s about to send some skulls rolling that just adds to the whole package. Read more

Apr 15 2018

1: Kanye doesn’t think it’s great that people are obsessed with photos, yet he married into an full family of Insta-holics?
Read more

Apr 13 2018

TRUMP: I can’t believe you did this, Michael. I’ve said it before—we have to be more careful with the cyber.
COHEN: ...What?
TRUMP: The tapes. They’re part of the cyber ...no?
COHEN: No, they’re...
TRUMP: But email is.
COHEN: Email is, in a way, yes.
TRUMP: Part of the cyber. So what are tapes?
COHEN: They’re just...tapes.

Apr 12 2018

Yes yes my friend. You know more than everyone. You really are smarter than all of them, whatever their fancy degrees might say.

Apr 12 2018

The upside of routinely working 14-hour days (most without internet access) is you don’t have time to read many comments. Still, thank you for the kindness!

Apr 12 2018

I’ve fucked many people, AND I was raped. Those two facts don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I would ask what’s hard to understand about this but I live in a state where the governor RAPED a woman and threatened her to keep quiet while his wife was pregnant with their child, AND STILL REFUSES TO RESIGN. FAKE NEWS. Read more

Apr 12 2018

I love them but it’s definitely time. The further they got from the actual struggle of living in New York, the less authentic the show felt, and like a lot of shows the characters started to feel like caricatures of their earlier seasons. Season 2 will always remain one of the absolute best things ever to be put on Read more

Apr 11 2018

I know more than one dominatrix and they all say that the vast majority of what men what from them is infantilization. They make scads of cash sitting in another room looking at their phone or doing their nails, and occasionally “Mommy” checks in on the “baby” who is playing in the “nursery” with adult sized baby Read more

Apr 11 2018

Do we think the timing of this has anything to do with the fact that Michael Cohen’s office was (legally) raided on Monday? Cohen was the deputy finance chair of the RNC... could be some serious skeletons in that closet.