Today 12:08AM

I like the subtle difference between ‘No pooping in our parking lot’ and ‘Stop pooping in ......’

Tuesday 1:38AM

As a woman, I am honestly confused about what bearing Teigen being a woman has on the calculus of this. She bullied a minor by telling them to go kill themself as a grown-ass woman in her mid-twenties. And it wasn’t a one-time thing. It went on for an extended period of time, and Teigen bullied other people online a Read more

Tuesday 12:16AM

Watching it is doing both, but hopefully the showing support outweighs the accepting exclusion. I haven’t watched the show before either, but based on praise I’ve heard from other it sounds like there are still some quality storylines. And this is blowing up big enough that maybe future productions will feel more Read more

Monday 11:28PM

The response is what mattered more then anything else.  She responded very well.  That's what mattered.

Monday 7:45PM

Actually I’m harvesting judgmental bullshit in order to power my new cryptocurrency, TwatCoin!

Monday 7:14PM

If it makes you feel any better, when Ellie Kemper’s parents die she stands to inherit something like a quarter of a billion dollars. She’s literally uncancellable due to her hereditary wealth. Read more

Monday 6:37PM

it was well said by Kemper, it’s good to explore your racist past whether or not you were aware of it. She doesn’t really need to apologize for it, but it is a good call on people to keep looking at their past so they don’t repeat the same behaviour.

Monday 6:19PM

Maybe she took a week to post a response because she was actually listening to what people were saying, took time to consider it and wrote a pretty thoughtful response.

Monday 6:15PM

I’m just going to say it - a lot of the comments were VERY WEIRD on here about this? By which I mean people not only eagerly dismissing her potential culpability in knowing what she was participating in but ALSO in how dismissive this was as an issue. Read more

Monday 5:25PM

Teigen was also an adult woman who bullied a teenager, and it was pretty terrible bullying at that. Telling someone to kill themselves is despicable behavior.

Monday 2:46PM

glad for her comeuppance instead of a larger, more systemic conversation around bullying Read more

Monday 2:34PM

There definitely needs to be a systemic discussion around bullying.  But I also have no problem with individual bullies burning.  

Monday 2:18AM

This is step two of the gaslighting. Step one is “There is no cancel culture.” Step two is “They deserved to be canceled, tho.” She was harassed off Twitter for saying Raya was like A:TLA, a point made by everybody, including Honest Trailers. What a blow for justice, when someone who’s made hours of content Read more

6/06/21 1:16AM

Comedy is all about observing and reporting on culture, in ways mundane and profound. If you don’t understand that culture, or refuse to engage with it, what the fuck are you doing as a comedian? Read more

6/04/21 8:07PM

Evidently they can’t post videos at all? Or something? There’s an article over on Jalopnik where the author apologized for not being able to post videos, so they posted a bunch of screenshots. Read more

6/04/21 7:26PM

Fuck Mark Wahlberg. I love watching movie trailers, especially for action schlock, but I’m not gonna watch this one. Read more