Yesterday 9:54PM

Asked what he went through, he described hearing one man telling another how they’re histories are interweaved.

Yesterday 9:53PM

Do you hate whales, but don’t know us well enough to get into why you’re a whale biologist?

Yesterday 9:36PM

But as per the Joker’s instructions, he has never rubbed another man’s rhubarb.

Saturday 9:20AM

Daffy is annoying and a prick, but I ended up liking him just because he was opposed to Bugs, who I felt had an undeserved air of superiority. So pretty much your thing but in reverse.

Saturday 9:18AM

It’s particularly a perfect sibling moment. That thing where an older brother tries to tell you that a thing is fun, and you have to say as firmly as you can that you’ve never, ever enjoyed it.

6/08/21 2:27AM

Mentioning Isabelle Huppert in this article just makes me realise how much I want a Fast and Furious movie where she’s the villain.

6/08/21 2:18AM

I scrolled back up at the first mention of “Doyle” because I assumed I’d skipped over the person’s full name and relevance to the story, but nope.

6/08/21 2:16AM

Well, now you have. Ernest J is correct, it is a term that means effeminate and delicate and is very homophobic when applied to a gay man.