Jan 17 2018

I didn’t see it as a dig, quite the opposite. Faye Dunaway is a fucking legend but she doesn’t have the economic power to match, and the only explanation for that is sexism.

Jan 17 2018

fuck “class”. she’s trying to make real change in the industry. expecting women to be “classy” while they work hard at things is just another way of policing them.

Jan 16 2018

And adding onto that, men are taught to always, always, always push and ignore your boundaries! Also, not only are we not taught how to set boundaries, we’re actually actively socialized to be accommodating and polite, which directly contradicts the ability to do so. Read more

Jan 15 2018

That laziness is insidious and strategic - men are always suddenly bumbling when they want to retain a certain amount of power. “Oh, I didn’t know [groping her wasn’t cool]/[how to load the dishes right]”

Dec 16 2017

When it comes to my taxes I wish I could control how my money is spent. But if I’m giving someone $5 or $10 bucks on the street and they are dying for a cigarette or drink or hit, so be it. The money was a gift.

Dec 15 2017

Yeah, they should just enjoy the shakes. No one dies from alcohol withdraw. Of course, you know better.

Dec 7 2017

Jesus Christ. Some of these comments are such a goddamned shitshow. First, just because Republicans have rallied around men who have done worse than Franken doesn’t mean that Democrats owe Franken a fucking pass. The manner in which so many Democrats are dismissing the experiences of the women who Franken violated is Read more

Dec 7 2017

As one of the pussies, I’m just fine with a party that’s welcoming to us for a change. Both parties have been throwing women to the wolves for decades. What do you think happens to staffers who resign and interns whose biggest learning experience is that the statehouse isn’t a safe place for them? Read more

Nov 3 2017

Nah, not really. It’s an amen that some filthy, multi-time losers use as a battle cry. Read more