2:57 PM

Oh fuck no. I would hire a PI and hunt that person down with a bat. I have lost all patience with theft. God help anyone who tries to steal from me.

8:00 AM

Ugh. I’m sorry. That is sucky. It sounds to me like he’s assigned you a script and role you didn’t actually audition for. There was a conversation playing out in his brain that had nothing to do with you as a person. A few otherwise decent guys have done similar things to me and I’ve had to tell them to hold up, back Read more

10:12 PM

I forgot to add below how much I appreciate your response. The Ask Carolyn response is helpful as was your suggested script.

10:10 PM

To clarify, it’s not the baby’s real name. It’s a nickname that we gave him and only shared because the family was so insistent to have a name to call him. We are not sharing the baby’s real name until birth precisely because we do not want any comments from my MIL. Read more

8:09 PM

Some of my coworkers constantly police each other’s eating habits. This one eats too much candy, I drink too many sodas and EAT CAKE, another one doesn’t finish her meals and is constantly offering me her food to me on the rare occasion I just want granola and yogurt. Read more

8:04 PM

Rude people often count on others being too polite to call them out on their bullshit. It’s ok to calmly answer these people. “No, I certainly do not eat a little bit of this and a little bit of that all day. “ And that’s all. Because you don’t have to explain your eating habits to anyone! Read more

8:01 PM

I hate compliments about bodies/appearance in the workplace - it takes me out of my work and focused on my exterior.

7:50 PM

I know you know, but I am just saying it again: This has everything to do with this woman and her own issues and very little to do with you, your appearance, or your eating habits. Read more

1:13 PM

I did some more housing research last night. I am now unsure if Bralock and I will be able to buy a house this year. We have most of the down payment saved. We are on schedule to have it all by late April. Read more