12:01 PM

This whole story made me sick to my damn stomach. Breonna should be alive and those cops are lucky only one of them got shot in the leg. All over products that people are willingly buying and consuming. But this shit will continue to happen as long as most of our country is okay with innocent people being shot dead Read more

3:46 PM

The second clapback made me tear up a bit. It’s so sad that we have to keep explaining that we’re regular ass human beings who experience all of the good and all of the bad things that life have to offer, just like everyone else.

2:53 PM

Don’t forget how globalization has effectively fucked any chance of rebuilding most of these supply chains, as their products rely almost exclusively on foreign manufacturing and transportation. It’s going to be shocking how many businesses will have to file for bankruptcy after the end of this epidemic.

5:50 PM
6 So...uhhh......I got nothing lol.

2:35 PM

If they confront their racism, then they have to confront the decades of indoctrination that have told them that everything is separate and unequal because of us instead of it being because of racist White motherfuckers like them. Read more

4:04 PM

The scumbaggery on display from people during this crisis is absolutely disgusting. What’s even worse is the dumbasses claiming that this virus is either a Chinese bioweapon (that they used on themselves first???) or the result of 5G rolling out (????????) Read more

1:14 AM

These people are really coming out the woodwork to tell us how much they hate Chinese people. Also, viruses can literally pop up anywhere. If the next Coronavirus pops up from White people kissing their dogs on the mouth, I don’t want to hear shit from these racist motherfuckers when people call it the “Caucasian Read more

1:37 AM

I’m pretty sure Webster is Tomatoface or a similar variety of troll.

1:36 AM

The same thing would happen a lot faster if all of the Barney Fifes couldn’t afford food or rent that month because one of them got aggressive. Bankruptcy doesn’t help with immediate poverty, just debt.

4:04 PM

Every time one of these psychotic idiots injure or illegally detain or arrest a civilian, every dollar out of the forthcoming lawsuit should come from their salaries. Not just the offending officer, but every other officer on the force as well. Read more

4:12 PM

All this shit is to me, is picking which massa will whip you the least. All three options on the democratic side are trash and they’re up against a giant dumpster fire. None of the potential winners give one rat fuck about Black people. All we are, is a convenient group of pawns on the chessboard.

4:30 PM

I still have no idea why people don’t just nuke their accounts from orbit if they’re going to be in politics or anything else public facing.

4:20 PM

....I’d be in prison if it was my kid. I’m gonna leave it at that. The disrespect towards Black people is utterly disgusting. How the fuck do you mix up two completely different looking teenagers WHEN YOU HAVE PICTURES OF BOTH OF THEM? Read more

3:23 AM

This type of shit is the exact reason that jobs are so paranoid about their workers talking about how much money they make. Not only have I seen and experienced the same thing, I’ve also seen how hesitant most people are to ask for more money when they’re asked to do more work. Read more

2:05 PM

Who needs enemies when you have “allies” like these?