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So many roles and no one should be forced to pick a favorite. But from among those that have yet to be mentioned, it’s hard to argue that he wasn’t excellent in Platoon.

and the fact that the rings of Saturn are about 98% water ice - and are about half the total ice of the Antarctic shelf...
why would you dive into a gravity well to drag shitty water into space? Read more

No, I seriously love that movie. The premise (“They’re after our water!”) us bullshit, and overused bullshit at that, but it’s what I think an actual invasion would look like, at least from the perspective of our response to it. You could drop this movie in Kandahar and it would translate well. Much better than that Read more

Japanese beetles are not attracted to lights so this won’t work for them.  Read more

This one totally snuck by me, but I’m TOTALLY in for this one. Now, if they’d just come up with a ‘Battlefield: Los Angeles’ sequel.... Read more

You’re right, it felt like 8 hours of sepia tone. Read more

I’m Kevin Hainline, one of the JADES scientists quoted in this piece! We made a visualizer, using software we developed called fitsmap, so that the public can take a closer look at these data, the color images and those from the individual filters, but ALSO the spectra we have for sources and full spectral energy Read more

All of these can be easily grown in containers and people commonly do so. Read more

Star Wars has never lacked Potential. Read more

The richest people in the country are always the biggest Welfare Queens. Read more

Seriously. How about instead of giving us yet another prequel/inter-quel/alternate reality prequel... give us something that takes place LATER and isn’t beholden to all the continuity (that inevitably gets messed up anyway)!? Read more

I’d prefer a ST movie set in the 32nd century or later, but I loved ST Beyond, so I’ll give this a chance if it ever happens. Read more

Sources say school administrators were suspicious of the high school teacher who could apparently pay rent AND feed himself. Read more

I always thought that the 2017 Mummy blew its chances by not having Rick and Evelyn show up at the end as the real leaders of the SHIELD-type anti-monster organization. They’ve become semi-immortals, and have dedicated their lives to cataloging monsters throughout history and fighting the irredeemably evil ones, and Read more

The final shot of Infinity War, where Thanos sits and looks out over his garden, to me conveys exactly what Cameron is talking about when he mentions ‘being able to see the inner dialogue’ of a character. You can see that he’s reflecting on a job well done, and that he’s at peace. The MCU VFX aren’t always perfect, Read more

Cameron probably doesn’t get enough credit for pushing the FX industry, and particularly digital effects. The Abyss and Terminator 2 were films that really challenged the post-Star Wars ILM to develop their CGI capabilities. Read more

Paid shills shill things they’re paid to shill. Read more

Literally the first of these reactions: “even more than the first one!” Girl, you enjoyed the first one? Why?

I’m so happy that Avatar-heads are getting what they prayed for, a decade later, but the first movie was such a miserable and endless slog through bad dialogue, weak characterization, and powerfully ugly Read more