8 March - International Woman's Day. Read more

Her long abandoned son left for adoption?! Read more

Correction: Laurel is a psychopath. Read more

His parents have said... things. His mother anyway. Read more

I feel like Bo Burnham should have come up with this idea years ago :( Read more

"Pine has no place in this loft. It's the wood of poor people and outhouses." (New Girl Episode 1.16, "Control") Read more

He's been giving me Churchill a bit Read more

Important, the photo that he took:

So that photo was taken by another one of the kids, who happens to be blind. Read more

yup. As in a 'country with no extradition treaty' low. Read more

If I were Jay I would lay low. Very low Read more

It still bothers me that she's in a coat and he's in a shirt with rolled up sleeves. Read more

Saw photos first and understood fratboys before I had read the lede, and was like 'Yay, not rape!' Read more

so like what, no one will bring up the fur?! Read more

quite possibly the best cat pic i have seen in some time (i see many)

all I ever took from it is the phrase 'buzz one out' Read more