I Brain You
3:52 PM

McConnell, said he’d work with and take cues from the administration and its lawyers. Graham said he isn’t even interested in the evidence. Nunes is directly tied to the Ukraine scandal, and there are more I’m not remembering. It’s not going to be a fair hearing. What if anything can be done to disqualify these Read more

2:46 PM

Moscow Mitch, aka Mandarin Mitch, is a goddamned traitor who is deathly afraid of upsetting his paymasters in Moscow and Beijing. Not only does he have to recuse himself from this Impeachment, he has to resign in disgrace.

2:38 PM

I know their asses have to be sore from all the dick riding the repubs do for that corrupt sack of shit. I have real hatred for those people. They are all tyrants. It’s like Jefferson said the tree of liberty MUST be refreshed with the BLOOD of patriots & tyrants. So it's a must that we pay attention and make sure our Read more

12:41 PM

Hot take: as a business owner, if you arent complaining about the skyrocketing rent, but are closing because you will have to pay your employees a fair wage finally, you arent a great business owner to begin with. If 40K more a year is causing you to close, how successful was your business to begin with. Thats a Read more

7:56 PM

Phew, thought I wouldn’t be able to find this, glad it’s still floating out in the ether

7:23 PM

I have a Google Alert that sends me an email every day with the stories being printed by various news outlets, one alert if for Elizabeth Warren, and one is for Bernie Sanders.

3:41 PM

This is the beginning of the huge smokescreen under which he will resign for “health reasons”. And by “resign” I mean “chicken out so as not to be impeached”. Read more

4:54 PM

Splinter was the only thing that ever made you relevant, just for simply how fucking stupid and wrong you were about everything Splinter ever covered and thus provided you means to be an example of anything. Without Splinter, you’re notable for nothing at all. Read more

3:53 PM

God, how are you always such a bag of stupid,misinformed,misformed,(heh) assholish dicks? Why are you like this? Read more

3:34 PM

Ahhhh, it wouldn’t be a Splinter post without you here for everyone to yell at uselessly. Thank you for being here to flog repeatedly and annoy the piss out of all of us.

3:31 PM

I will never encounter some of the folks on this site again, and I am very thankful for it.

3:26 PM

That ‘eventually’ is key, isn’t it? What does it matter is the offending party ceases to exist after some indeterminate amount of time, if during its tenure it does incredible harm to that which it comes in contact with? Read more