Brian Williams dreams of cat gifs
Jul 18 2018

With the demise of Gawker, I’ve mostly stayed away. Not on purpose. Jezebel just hasn’t interested me enough to

Oct 25 2016
One more try.

Tomorrow I’ll be having my third and final cranioplasty. I’ve decided that this is going to be my last surgery no

Jul 1 2016

Mississippi House Public Health and Human Services Committee member emailed a mother suggesting she consider paying

Jun 24 2016

I always imagine I will follow my favorite writers to their new homes. I think I have even said it in a few posts

Jun 23 2016

Radiation is gentle at first, but the steroids will make you want to murder someone while eating something and then

Mar 9 2016

I’ve been in the hospital for 8 days now. I had to rush to the ER on Tuesday and have surgery early Wednesday

Jan 26 2016
Here, sort of

Surgery didn’t go as planned. Nothing went wrong but they had to do a lot more than they planned. The tumor had over

Jan 11 2016

My husband likes to play this computer game (Seven Days to Die) where you can collect things and build safe holds