Jun 30

From my own experiences both in having Joy-cons drift, and also taking them apart and replacing the joysticks, it may be that there’s no real good way to redesign them without having to change the entire form-factor of the joy-con. Read more

Jun 26

Maybe Twitch has finally realized that the platform is big enough that it doesn’t need to indulge individual celebrity assholes to survive. Read more

Jun 24

Asking for a threesome is not an abusive statement. The problem isn’t the nature of the sex act. The problem is that Dariani was someone with immense power in the industry, and Ayala was someone who worked in that industry, and whose career could be seriously damaged if Dariani decided to get vindictive over her Read more

Jun 18

I am not sure why people are so adamant about a remaster for a very recent series. Those games exist. They’re still good. Go play them.

Jun 11

I liked base 2, but it is indeed improved by the Scholar update. I’ll also readily admit that it’s the weakest entry in the series.

Jun 11

I keep seeing people say the order doesn’t matter, and that 3's faster pace is more beginner-friendly. Read more

Jun 11

Whoa, who would say that? Dark Souls 1 is great. They’re all great, but 1 is great.

Jun 11

Tip, when you get to them: play the Dark Souls games in order. People will tell you to start with 3, and those people are wrong.

Jun 11

That trailer stirs some very old trauma. The shiny eyed skeletons, the dude with the scythe, the OG swamp area, half HP in soul form with no reasonable way to get that back. Yuck. Not sure if I want to go through that again. Read more

Jun 8

Hard agree - I really liked the setting and characters, it felt like the next logical step of the Mass Effect story, but there was an ungodly amount of meaningless fetch quests. You go to every planet and there’s just a laundry list of stupid stuff to do that added nothing but time to the game, by the time you’re done Read more

May 2 2017

No Crimson Skies?? I thought it was a pretty iconic game for the Xbox console.