Apr 26 2018

Can we stop using ableist statements about his mental health? He’s showing his ass the way he always has. Seriously.

Apr 25 2018

If Clarke had said “who was Maya again?” I would’ve laughed for days. Jasper’s grief over that women he met for those few weeks he was held hostage made no sense, even if you still held to the concept they were teenagers (which the showed stepped away from quite a bit). Read more

Apr 25 2018

It’s “effects”. I was so glad that when Monty was crying it wasn’t just about Jasper. Just let him be dead, please, he dragged down enough of a season already. Relegate him to the vague in memorium reel along with Finn.

Apr 14 2018

Rap is also territorial in a way that other genres (except metal (lol)) aren’t. Where you’re from defines who you are. There are some transpositions, such Eminem identifying with the West Coast via Dre, or Chicagoan Kanye West getting his big break in New York with Jay Z and then moving to LA. It also doesn’t hurt Read more

Apr 13 2018

When he first appeared in this episode, I didn’t think he was actually there. I fully expected Nadine to be so high she met him on the astral plane.

Mar 30 2018

Man, I havent been in this much disagreement with a review in a while. I thought this was the best episode so far of the season. I think Atlanta can sometimes over-reach and go too broad, but by just focusing on something small and expanding it to ridiculous proportions, it felt specific and unforced in a way that Read more

Mar 28 2018

He can’t be that old. According to your page he was charged in 2002. Thats 16 years ago. He was probably charged for fighting with another teen. Which is bad, but he was a poor kid in a gang. Its nice he has a successful career now.

Mar 28 2018

Nah, Lady Gaga actually has talent to back up her weirdness. That and she didn’t rape a young girl.

Mar 28 2018

When you can’t be told anything by anyone, life will most certainly do the teaching.

Mar 28 2018

THANK YOU. This isn’t the type of thing that should be omitted from an article about the dude, just because it’s “coming from a different angle,” or somesuch.You can neglect to mention Kyrie Irving’s flat earther stance, or Lionel Messi’s tax issues, but even a piece with an entirely unrelated aim should at least ackn Read more

Mar 28 2018

“History plays a big role in Black Lightning. The weight of it, the constant presence, the reverberations, the reminders.”

Mar 23 2018

Earn definitely has the can’t-pretend-to-give-a-fuck demeanor of someone who is already checked out of a relationship. I wouldn’t want to play along with the creepy white people nonsense either, but you at least exasperatedly force yourself to do the weird dance with your girlfriend’s weird friends if you love her, Read more

Mar 9 2018

I dunno, I cringed when he threw that whole 4K, but the only reason he had that money was because Darius talked him into the dog breeding scheme and screwed him in the moment, it’s not like he’s known for making smart financial decisions lol.

Feb 15 2018

I respectfully disagree. This isn’t a crime mystery, it is a psychological thriller.

Jul 9 2017

You made a link between 2 things that are unrelated though. His criminal history doesn’t really have anything to do with him cheating on his wife.

Jun 14 2016

BUT what you said was not constructive or thoughtful. You were just calling the author an asshole because you don’t like what she’s written, here or in the past. There are plenty of people in this comment thread that disagree with the idea of this guy as deserving of attention because of his good looks. Say that. Make Read more