8:39 AM

I really like Tobias Whale, but why does anybody work for him? I get that as a bad guy, you sometimes have to work for psychopaths but Jesus! How do so many people manage to stand working for somebody so openly sadistic - you’d think a group would have gotten together by now to take him out.  Read more

11:01 PM

I’m not saddened by XXXtentacion’s death - I didn’t know dude - and I have no opinions on his “potential”. But I did find him and his internet cult of personality to be fascinating, and I’ll miss his presence as a subject of conversation/controversy in hip-hop. I suspect a lot of people penning eulogies and singing Read more

12:50 PM

My hate of him stems from the fact that, I’m the beginning, I really liked Jasper- he had my favorite character moments in season 2. I was entirely sympathetic to him in season 3...until the finale where he WILLINGLY took the chip knowing full well that Allie would probably try to get him murder all of his friends. Read more

6:12 AM

When Clarke finds Jasper’s personal effects (affects?) my first reaction was to go “do NOT cry over that asshole! Fuck Jasper!”. I didn’t realize I still hated him so much. Read more

3:48 PM

It doesn’t take much for me to stop supporting an artist. If you do or say something that violates my own sense of ethics, I am not going to fuck with you. That easy. Read more

4:41 PM

But where am I refuting your experiences though? I didn’t say you were wrong to interpret the gorilla character the way you did, or claim that you’re trying to gaslight anybody. I didn’t say anything about YOU at all. I’m sorry, but not immediately taking your side is not an endorsement of the white power structure on Read more

3:23 PM

Look, I was only asking because I was 5 episodes into the show and I didn’t pick up that the gorilla woman was coded as a “sassy black woman” so I wondered if you had heard something about the character that I didn’t. Gori didn’t come across as a black woman to me - but I’m a man, so I admit that I probably going to Read more

10:15 PM

Wait, the Gorilla character is supposed to be a black woman? And I thought Gina Bowes identified as Polynesian.

8:15 AM

As far as hip-hop is concerned, I’d argue that Atlanta is THE place to be, and has been for a while. Over the last decade, Atlanta has actually become one of the places to move to for rappers who are trying to make it. The hip-hop infrastructure in the city is enormous and since the rap scene here has birthed most of Read more

6:58 AM

“Bibby is not obnoxious enough to be memorable, but he’s obnoxious enough that you mostly spend the episode wonder why Al doesn’t take his business elsewhere.” Read more

9:44 PM

Not the best murder mystery/period piece I’ve seen, but I do find it compulsively watchable. At least I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time, unlike SOME series I could name *cough* American Crime *cough* This Is Us.

10:53 PM

I disagree. Earn following up Tracy’s gift card finessing is a perfect example of the kind of decision making that keeps him homeless and aggressively underemployed.

7:45 AM

When I was living in Durham, NC, “Robbin’ Season” started in mid-to-late August because that’s when all the college students came back to town. Read more