Sunday 10:49PM

The issue is the post is categorizing it’s take as the tennis world’s, when it is a particular smaller slice of US media I think. The other coverage I read is largely US media and covered both Osaka’s withdraw and the tournament often with more context. For one, if you’re going to look at Osaka’s impact and reach, they Read more

Thursday 8:21PM

I can only assume that the outraged Osaka headlines are getting lots of clicks because there’s been more tennis coverage on Jezebel in the last 2 weeks than some professional tennis publications. Read more

Thursday 7:03PM

This is so provincial. How could a nearly 150-year-old tournament possibly succeed without a person who’s famous in America in it?

6/14/21 10:49PM

Trigger warning. Designer Michael Costello was victimized by Teigen to the point where he considered killing himself. Along with her stylist friend, they had this man blackballed in the fashion industry. Her fake apologies are like whispers in a storm. I hope more people speak out against her. Read more

6/14/21 4:47PM

This is true, and it’s clear she was absolutely looking for attention and trying to be an edgelord because she thinks that makes her interesting and relatable. But in the case of Courtney it doesn’t hold up. She didn’t just tweet at them publicly. Chrissy DM’d them privately, multiple times. And she keeps glossing Read more

6/14/21 3:05PM

One of the things that gets me, though, is that she keeps describing her past behavior as a desperate attempt to be funny and cool, but Stodden was referring to private DMs. No one in chrissy’s much desired general public would even see those messages. She sent private messages encouraging self harm to a young person Read more

6/06/21 10:13PM

Thanks! We’re certainly getting very good at lockdowns - no actual toilet paper shortages, though online shopping has a 2-pack limit. Since that includes 2 of the 12-roll packs, it’s not a problem. My favourite recycled brand isn’t available, but regular stuff is. And online ordering and grocery delivery is working Read more

6/04/21 1:13PM

Yeah I will say here we generally didn't have any petty in-fighting or held each other above or below ourselves. There was an incident of a mod here not handling things well and treating some posters badly but we kicked them off the mod team for it. It was more difficult being trolled and dealing with community fights Read more

6/01/21 10:16AM

Am I missing something? I see no connection other than the origins of the festival or party or whatever that would tie her to KKK leanings. If dumbass Black people wanted to join that bullshit, that’s of course their choice but I don’t see where she was personally connected to the KKK or even racism. I also think it’s Read more

5/28/21 12:01PM

I am so over the “serial killers are the new vampires” trope. I actually have less trouble with the dramatizations (see Mindhunters) that try to get the facts right, in all their ugliness, than with the fictional stories (see Criminal Minds) that create this fantasy of the all powerful genius murderer, who is all too Read more

5/28/21 11:50AM

I’m wondering if this is related to the rise of extra-shitty restaurant customers. Most reasonable people cut back on eating out and flying, so the people who are left are disproportionately terrible.

5/28/21 10:41AM

Depends on who you ask though. I’ve read (and of course I can’t find it now) that women knew he was a creep and he was dumb at the time. One of them said he was a nose picker! Read more

5/24/21 6:47PM

Nobody cares that you have appointed yourself as the final arbiter of what must first be adressed or not.

5/24/21 4:48PM

Phoebe is by far the best Friend, but Joey was pretty solid and incredibly loyal - he kept Monica and Chandler’s relationship secret for MONTHS and they got caught by the rest of their friends (separately) on their own. He provided a place for Rachel and Emma to live out of the goodness of his heart (unlike Ross, who Read more

5/24/21 4:43PM

no matter who the best Friend is, Ross will always be absolute fucking worst.

5/24/21 3:54PM

I agree that he seems sincere and really trying to do the right thing, with barely a sketch of what that’s supposed to be. It’s really not fair to tell someone who’s deliberately trying to do and think differently that he’s doing everything wrong. Read more