Nov 26

Thank you. This article and the accompanying comments are pretty vile. The edgelord tone of the pieces on this site is growing extremely tiresome. It’s not even funny snark anymore. Just mean-spirited hot takes from 20-somethings.

Nov 26

I’ve bought a ridiculous amount of makeup during this whole thing - I’ve been really bored, so I’m having fun with different colors and techniques. And since I’ve only looked “professional” from the waist up for about 8 months now (jammie pants + nice sweater is my current look), it’s something that makes me feel like Read more

Nov 25

Some further context: I just had a gander at the linked story. The tweet they controlled the comments on was one in which they announced that Camilla had joined “a video call with staff and formerly homeless residents of Emmaus Brighton...to discuss the challenges faced by the charity as a result of the coronavirus Read more

Nov 25

This was dragged through the UK tabloid press for years, Chuck and Cammie have had their scrutiny and made their apologies already. Just because some people are only now just paying attention does not mean it has to all be beat around the town again. He and Diana were a bad match, they both made dumb and hurtful Read more

Nov 25

There’s so much to unpack when it comes to Americans deciding that other countries should overthrow their governments because we somehow know what’s best for the people of another nation? That’s just a new brand of colonialism, and it’s gross. Read more

Nov 25

Pro tip: please don’t ask women why they don’t have kids, why they didn’t have more, or if they want more children. I experienced pregnancy loss and only told my immediate family. Since we have a young son, everyone feels entitled to ask me these questions. Since my miscarriage, I fumble through a vague deflection and Read more

Nov 24

rich women will ALWAYS be able to get abortions.  This is just to punish the poors for having sex.

Nov 21

I’m really confused as how is this covered by the First Amendment. And this is a legitimate question as there have always been limitations on which medical treatments are allowed as that is a part of the concept of regulation.

Nov 19

Exactly! My spouse and I are both in our late 40s, and I just showed this pic to my grad student son... his jaw just dropped when I told him that Miller is 12-14 years younger than we are. Read more

Nov 18

Unfortunately, the American fruitcake style has for many years gone heavily into using candied fruit (to the point where some brands, in a fit of misrepresentation, advertise themselves as ‘british’ or ‘old english’ fruitcake mix), which remain as mostly-indedible lumps glowing balefully in the slices. Using Alton Read more

Nov 16

This article is superb; thank you. Aside from delineating just how entrenched her transphobia is; the description of slavery in her book is astonishing. Absolutely reminiscent of 19th century British writers detailing how wonderful Empire was for the subjugated peoples of the world. I was gobsmacked. And this is a Read more