6/08/21 8:03PM

I bought this yesterday and I am SO SO keen to start!

6/08/21 7:17PM

I have to get Pfizer (doctor’s advise), which is frustrating because only AZ is currently available for my qualifying age/health group. Read more

6/06/21 10:42PM

Everyone I know is desperate for the vaccine - the frustration is just not being able to get it :( Both my parents (in Melbourne) have had both of their doses - my dad qualified due to a medical condition and my mum talked her way into one, but until literally last week, it was hard to get one because they just Read more

6/04/21 3:13AM

I’ve been a moderator for a few places, but have only once experienced this kind of weird, petty bullshit once. It seems to really happen where some mods know each other and users more, and pick sides, rather than objectively applying the rules and being transparent with users.

5/24/21 8:42PM

He’d justify it by referring to taxes.

5/24/21 7:09PM

Yeah, Phoebe is definitely, quite clearly, intelligent - she has a very different approach to intelligence (compared to Ross, and it was always a delight watching her cheerfully make him look stupid), but was kind and thoughtful and like you said, brought a much needed shot of (the most absurdist kind of) realism that Read more

5/24/21 6:56PM

We’ve been offered 2 hours paid leave to get the vaccine, which is great, except it should probably be 2 days because um...side effects. Read more

5/23/21 11:47PM

Yeah, like a serial, rather than a sequel - as an avid mystery fan, I would enjoy that kind of approach a lot more!

5/23/21 8:27PM

I understand they send debt collectors after them, ruin their credit, and depending where you live, the consequences of extreme debt can even result in prison sentences. So, basically, criminalising the poor? It’s insane...

5/23/21 8:03PM

Well, yeah - just, y’know, the technically part is important because nuns who got too far out of line had their power and vows stripped from them. Like, historically, its complex and fraught, I agree, but like, I guess the overall point is, as always, men be menning.

5/23/21 7:19PM

Within the walls of the monastery, an Abbess has absolute authority, but overall is still technically answerable to a Bishop (and particularly ‘troublesome’ orders were dissolved).

5/14/21 1:02AM

Yeah, a ‘public’ apology is even less of an apology when the person its supposedly directed at is blocked by the perpetrator from seeing it, and probably had to read it via secondary sources. Extra extra gross.

5/13/21 8:04PM

Susan Cooper and Phillip Pullman are the two fantasy series I now gift kids/teens instead of Harry Potter.

5/13/21 8:03PM

This - she was a beloved literary figure, a kind of ‘everywomen’ author that children, adults, everyone (except some fringe religious right, which made her more popular with everyone else lol) adored. Then she opened her mouth, and is now either actively disliked or merely tolerated, and the kind of people who still Read more

4/30/21 9:01PM

American Bishops seem to be slightly more ridiculous than even most (which is saying something) - I’m not sure they’ve ever been on the right side of anything and often even go against the Vatican in order to be political conservatives, like their support of slavery...