Nov 13 2017

My 4yr old will have his liscense before all the depositors have their cars in the driveway.

Nov 9 2017

I have used this comment about everything in life now! Wife standing in home depot with 6 different green paint swatches-nobody cares, what kind and color flowers and place settings for a wedding-nobody cares, what kind of car she gets-nobody cares, peoples kids-nobody cares. people spend so much time worried about Read more

Nov 8 2017

Rotors pivot forward and lift is derived from a wing, meaning higher cruise speeds and better fuel consumption. The joke with this Uber plane is that cranked wing makes a cross-shaft impossible. The entire concept is a poorly thought-out joke.

Nov 8 2017

According to Uber’s own analysis, a 200-mph all electric ride across Los Angeles would be “price competitive” to an UberX ride of the same distance.

Nov 8 2017

Sure. And clowns in BroDozers drive around all day with their LED light bars on... Be safe, but be considerate. Don’t blind other drivers (day or night). Your choice to drive a less safe vehicle doesn’t preclude you from following the law.

Nov 8 2017

I have no idea why, but this story made me think of Love Actually. Off to listen to Joni Mitchell and be grateful I’m no longer with my cheating, gaslighting ex.

Nov 6 2017

But they don’t allow them... This is people knowingly dodging the taxes. It’s like saying don’t blame the thief if a store doesn’t have an alarm system.

Nov 3 2017

Probably not; because at that point you’re just desperately reaching for a way to go so off-topic you might as well be Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Nov 2 2017

As long as we also end corn subsidies, funding to the Middle East to stabilize oil production, and tax breaks for oil companies I’m ok with this too.