I am Enzo, the baker

“Trust me, you’re better off not knowing.” Read more

Chamomiles Davis Johnson is right! Read more

Tom Brady just had that fan relocated to San Francisco.  Read more

Stefan if you got so much cash to burn, can I borrow $20?  Read more

Listen — I’m from Coxsackie, NY, and the least you assholes can do is give my hometown a little fucking shout-out when you talk about our virus. Read more

Is this the stupidest thing we’ve ever put on the website? Read more

The game of golf and Wells Fargo are natural sponsorship partners: For over a century, pushing customers into costly products that they did not need or even request. Read more

The material is one thing, but this vid is genius. I heart Burke. Read more

I dunno about that, man. The Braves touched him up somethin’ fierce using just two-and-a-half foot poles. Read more

I find it hard to believe a public university in Pennsylvania would react so carelessly to sex crimes. Read more

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Cracker. Teen Angst (what the world needs now). Cracker’s first album is 5.99 on iTunes. I was going to buy the song for a 1.29. Made out like a bandit

I’ll believe Andrew Luck is healthy when I see him play, and maybe not even then Read more

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Been on a country kick the past week or so. It’ll happen on occasion.