Local Miata Bro
Nov 28 2018

While I love my NA Miata, it does have some annoyances for daily driving. No AC, Radio, and a fixed bucket seat, has led me to search for a daily driver. current requirements are Read more

Jun 25 2018

I’m a huge fan of the JDM optional Momo wheel I have in my Miata, perfect everything

Dec 5 2017

Sounds just like the Gateway Miata Club. Fantastic group of people to be around. From wrenching help, to back road shenanigans, The club is a blast to be a part of.

Nov 30 2017

I actually prefer the 2015 GT to this one primarily because of the wheel design. Also I think my dad is going to trade in my mom’s 15 GT for the new one with the turbo, or trade in his car then make her 6 his new winter beater. (his spring/summer/fall daily is a 97 Miata)

Oct 3 2017

Miatas at the Gap 2017, both dad and I went on the brewery lunch run, which we thought would be 30 minutes or so. After 2 hours of driving through deals gap with 0 cell signal, we made it to a gas station in Andrews NC needing to put in 10.493 gallons of gas in our Miatas that have a 10.5 gallon tank.

Sep 28 2017

Well Kentucky doesn’t have inspections so as long as it was plated before turned sideways, he’d be good. That van still gave me a scare more than once while I was corner marshaling that Lemons race.

Jul 26 2017

I was one of the Marshalls at corner 6 and y’all went up on 2 almost every time when you hit the inside rumble strips!

Jul 11 2017

DAMMIT! I have wanted one of these since they first came out in 2014, but I am only a senior in college, so I am not in a place where I can afford one yet. Hopefully they will fall in price over the next few years and I can pick one up, but they will probably go the way of the G8 and hold their prices.

Jun 13 2017

What is happening is cylinders 7&8, the back two, get hot. From what I have learned is that where the engine is placed is what causes the issues. The c6 ZR1 had similar issues with cooling those two cylinders also. For MY17 Eaton revised the intercooler, and GM enlarged the heat extractors, so they shouldn’t be having Read more

Apr 5 2017

Well I think the fact that I had to buy a side mount racing seat so I can fit properly in my car says I’m too big for my car. Still love it though

Feb 12 2017

Well I have already bought a NA Miata, to which I love. So for me it would have to be a C6 Corvette Z06. Sure there are faster cars, nicer ones to live with, and even better looking. But the C6Z with its NA 7 liter LS7 V8 just does it for me. Too much power, amazing sound, and an almost unlimited modding ability made

Dec 20 2016

Miata of the sport bike world you say? This intrigues me as I love my miata and would also like to get into bikes.

Apr 16 2016

We actually had our first meet up last night, only about 11 cars showed up but it was a great camaraderie builder for us. I only knew 1 kid before last night, and he is the one who invited me.

Apr 6 2016

I actually just found this one. Some snooping leads me to believe it’s under 100k miles. I just want to save it from its current owner

Mar 5 2016

This is from October’s Cars and Coffee in Bowling Green KY, our first meet of the year is at the end of march.

Mar 1 2016

I love the front end, but it looks like the roof was just slapped on. I think it will look fantastic as a convertible.

Dec 10 2015

I would love to ride my bike to work but I live 20 miles away from work, and I have to generally look professional at work, which rain will destroy that look. I also can not afford housing near my work.