11/08/19 5:17PM

I disagree. Nearly half of voting Americans did the dumbest thing ever three years ago.

4/26/19 10:22AM

Apparently Biden wanted to announce his presidential run from Charlottesville, but many city officials felt like it was using the town as a prop. I guess this was his plan B.

3/17/19 4:59PM

No, they pull out the hateful words because they know perfectly well the impact those words have. They know the words are wrong, they know the words are hateful, and they damn well know the effect those words have on the other person. They understand perfectly well that “those people” don’t want to called those Read more

11/05/18 8:41PM

The fact that this exists and the page is still active proves that Mark Zuckerberg is just as big of a fucking idiot as Trump.  Facebook's Terms & Conditions are meaningless and are only selectively enforced when it suits their bottom line.

11/05/18 8:38PM

White people aren’t the only one with guns.  Jus’ sayin’.

7/02/18 6:41PM

She wasn’t yelling.  And, confronting these assholes whenever and wherever you have the chance is good.

7/02/18 6:37PM

Yup.  Gotta have that “woman-with-a-toddler” shield.

7/01/18 9:11PM

“I think that you can’t win the White House without the Midwest and I don’t think you can go too far to the left and still win the Midwest,” Duckworth told Jake Tapper. Read more

1/21/18 5:36PM

Let’s just hope society doesn’t weaponize her history of abuse against her through the usual gaslighting- by claiming that her sexuality and immodesty are symptoms of the abuse. They’ve already pulled this on poor Bella Thorne and plenty of others.

1/16/18 1:57PM

I think that reinforces the point though — the conversation here should be a lot more nuanced and handled more deftly. I’m in my 30s now and I know how to say no, but pretty much throughout my 20s as I explored my sexuality I consistently ran into situations that I didn’t know how to handle. There’s a lot of pressure Read more

12/12/17 2:12PM

Leave him alone, Breanna. He’s trying to be a senator one day.

10/27/17 6:29PM

How “not love” are we talking about? Friendship? Peaceful coexistence? Singlehood? Or the kind of gross, mean, humiliation that happened in this marriage?

10/15/17 11:53PM

I still love my mom, too. It doesn’t matter that I bonded to her. She was a bad parent and spending time with her, no matter how much I loved being with her, was not in my best interest. The fact that I bonded to her and love her no matter what, no matter how many times she’s endangered my life, makes her behavior all Read more

9/28/17 6:53PM

There were aspects of the first movie that were really well done. It was mostly true to the characters and was a good capstone to the series. Read more

1/23/17 12:16PM

This is a protest I can’t get behind, but I can definitely support, if you know what I mean.