Dec 4

Curious, why did you choose an AGM battery instead of Lithium?

Nov 8

“Although Sebov did not say if she was scared shitless or suffers from asthma, she clearly does not want that smoke.” Read more

Jun 11 2019

Does he realize he’s backlit and you can clearly see the page is blank, or near blank?

Apr 26 2019

Surprisingly inept move for such an experienced politician.

Mar 22 2019

“one Gizmodo employee experienced an explosion herself after microwaving some refrigerated black beans” Read more

Mar 19 2019

Completely appalling. I don’t care how “nice” her neighbors think she is, she clearly lost her shit over (something) so badly that she actually screamed horrible words at a total stranger in front of her kids.  Read more

Dec 31 2018

I’m glad. I don’t know what her chances are, but I know the Democrats will never be saved by yet another while man. 

Jan 30 2018

NPR ran a disturbing story a few days ago about how cash-strapped towns are recruiting police officers that nobody else would touch, officers who had been fired or disciplined by other departments for misconduct and shootings, simply because those were the only officers they could afford. Read more

Jan 25 2018

I wouldn’t send my dog by air, let alone my horse.

Oct 27 2017

Someone takes the Orange in “Orange County” a little too literally...

Oct 18 2017

I got one at 24 that I still, in my 40's, love. It’s faded and since it’s on my shoulder, I often forget it’s even there, but I love it. It’s like a message from my younger self to my older self that says: You are still you. Through marriage, kids, job changes, love, hurt, joy, depressions, you are still....you.

Oct 17 2017

Well, that’s some good swamp-drainin’ right there.

Oct 15 2017

My beloved cousin (who is as a sister to me) fostered and then adopted a little boy who is now 9 (he was 6 when she first fostered him). That he is far, far better off with her than with his birth parents is without question. His life with his birth mother was full of violence and neglect and he will be working Read more