4/07/21 4:00PM

Kinda shocked Jimmy didn’t get Pat Boone to make an appearance. I mean The Roots should’ve said something right? As for Lil Ms. Pancake Ass that was some sad shit

4/07/21 3:45PM

Listen, I don’t expect European Americans to understand every nuance of African American culture but there are certain cultural aspects you always attribute to the creator: Food, dance, & music. Jimmy Fallon knows what he did and who he was pandering to.

3/11/21 5:38PM

I really wish we could move past the idea that the perpetuators of racist are somehow deserving of being the champions of equality. Read more

2/22/21 11:32AM

Luke Cage was a jive talking convict (yeah he was innocent but even in the comics, we’re all suspects) and Storm may be a goddess but she started off as a child pickpocket. Read more

2/22/21 11:20AM

Superboy and The Legion Of Superheroes #209 was the first comic book I ever read and, shortly thereafter, Tyroc was the first Black Superhero I ever saw followed by John Stewart, Falcon, Luke Cage and Storm, in that order. I was a kid so I didn’t pick up on the racial aspect of the characters until later. When I did,

2/22/21 11:19AM

Thank you for mentioning Tyroc. He was one of the most interesting ‘70s characters of the DC universe, made three appearances as an LSH member and then vanished .... for YEARS. He was retconned into belonging to an all-black country that faded in and out of this planet for decades at a time (WHAT DA FUK) and then was Read more

2/22/21 10:52AM

Sorry dude, while I’m a fan of all Black heroism (and have been since childhood), I always thought Cyborg was in serious need of some adamantium (Nth metal? Maybe?); I really got tired of him getting torn apart in every Titans battle. His number of dismantlements (is that a word) was second only to the Red Tornado’s. Read more

2/16/21 7:11PM

Like he said above, Lost’s triple axel swan dive into the sewer retroactively ruined the entire series for me.  It was my gold standard for atrocious series endings.

2/15/21 4:20PM

She is a grown woman who put gorilla glue in her hair. The fuck are you talking about?

1/25/21 3:47PM

In less than a week we’ve rejoined the Paris Accords, and the WHO, Biden has raised the minimum wage for the Federal workforce to $15, and he’s ordered the ODNI to do a comprehensive threat assessment of right wing domestic terrorism. So what do you focus on? Read more

1/25/21 3:07PM

I am happy that Trump is gone and I don’t mind Biden as president...but this piece does not hit the way I think it was intended, at least not for me.
This comes off more as politics as usual with Clyburn in the middle of it.

People just wanted someone to beat Trump and we were in the middle of a primary that had no Read more

1/25/21 2:27PM

He’s also part of that crowd that said the “defund the police” slogan lost dems house seats. NO Dems who lost their seats lost due to a combination of misinformation and complacency. I don’t want these dinosaurs as the gate keepers anymore.

1/25/21 1:51PM

Eh....I’m more interested in the story about Obama deciding to get involved in the campaign because he knew Joe would - in his words - fuck it up. Clyburn and SC shouldn’t be the 3rd or 4th primary location as candidates have to wait a few weeks to start seeing their impact from the Black people voting. Does Iowa and Read more