4/07/21 5:49PM

I gave up on The Roots checking Jimbo and his staff on their fuckery, years ago. They ain't trying to mess up their easy afternoon money.

3/30/21 9:19AM

They don't have to, we are allowing our history to be dismissed without the racists help. They don't need to kick a door down when we are throwing them DVDs in the trash.

3/30/21 7:35AM

I get why the kid doesn’t want to see anymore Black Pain movies, she made Little.

3/18/21 7:36AM

I don't think I would be cool with any monies being made by using my loved ones name without my consent. Everytime I turn on the TV, hearing my loved ones name would be tough. Having their name possibly exploited? That would be horrible.

2/22/21 5:25PM

Yeah, Luke was a hot mess back the day but that time (Hero For Hire #8) he borrowed the Fantasticar, flew all the way to Lativia to fight Dr. Doom over $200 that he stiffed him on (Dr. Doom...super villain, cheap ass selective amnesia chump) is one of the most hood comic book moments, ever.

2/22/21 2:50PM

Cyborg was the Worf of the Teen Titans. Intimidating but stayed taking the L

2/22/21 2:47PM

Two of my favorite African American actresses!

2/22/21 2:44PM

There were a couple of movies in the late 1960s called I Am Curious (Blue) and I Am Curious (Yellow). The latter is known for a MLK cameo. Read more

2/22/21 2:29PM

Lois caught hell for those 24 hours lol. By the end of her 24, she was militant AF and Superman was like, "damn I'm glad this ish wears off in 15 minutes" No one asks Superman why Krytonians had that kind of machine or why he kept it. Old School Superman was wild.

2/22/21 11:20AM

Superboy and The Legion Of Superheroes #209 was the first comic book I ever read and, shortly thereafter, Tyroc was the first Black Superhero I ever saw followed by John Stewart, Falcon, Luke Cage and Storm, in that order. I was a kid so I didn’t pick up on the racial aspect of the characters until later. When I did,

2/16/21 6:14AM

How in the fuck did you assume that I was giving any kind of corruption a pass from my comment about a women who put glue on her scalp?  

2/15/21 3:57PM

She got over 20K American dollars in donations and was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight? Read more

2/15/21 11:01AM

The fact that we can still find joy inside our tears (h/t Stevie Wonder), that we still got jokes despite the pain and misery and they have no Kryptonite that can stop our happiness...that’s beautiful.

2/10/21 1:10PM

I miss the 4 issue miniseries format. These yearly major crossover events are so exhausting 

1/26/21 7:39AM

Who made the statement? The Bureau of Engraving or the President’s Press Secretary? Here we go, for the zillionth time, being distracted from the major issues. I'm sorry, it's not a priority.

1/25/21 5:22PM

If you put 26 items of the same thing at the 15 items or less register, is it 1 item or 26? And I’m not talking about eggs, either.