Mine does too. The real downside is that I have to sit out another six weeks before I'm allowed to come on the field again.
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In lieu of the standard “I hope he gets the help he needs”, I will offer the same “fuck you” I gave to Greg Hardy. Read more

If hipsters have a good reason to use typewriters on airplanes now, the terrorists have won. Read more

I’m so with you. In October I hit a career jackpot that nearly doubled my paycheck to paycheck salary I was making. I get so anxious having a balance in my account after the bills are all paid. I immediately went and bumped every monthly bill payment up a notch or two so I can get out of debt ASAP. My pep talk to Read more

When you usually eat Mac & Cheese, Hot Pockets or Raman for just about every meal the “organic” burrito kinda stands out. Read more

Or maybe ....

It’s the Clean Green. Or maybe the Green Sweep. Read more

Let’s call it a Greenie. Not only does it include Draymond’s name, but it will knock that asshole from Mike and Mike down a peg. Read more

And here I thought I’d have to wait until the game to see a statue repeatedly knocked over. Read more

Oh BF4 is my go to game for sure, honestly BF4 and Arma are literally the only FPS online shooters I play. I’m on X1 as well but also have a gaming rig, yeah arma is a game for hardcore people and honestly you don’t get your full worth out of it until you join a community. It’s easily one of the best FPS out there but Read more

The Darkzone is cool doesn’t make everyone an asshole who KOS you are better off working together for the most part unless you come across some nice gear. They added a some features in there to prevent griefing and such, which games from GTA to Dayz need to incorporate. Read more

It’s really good, I’m REAL critical about games and how they flow, in my opinion(from the beta anyway) is that this will be the game Destiny was suppose to be. It’s actually hard, the gun play is REALLY damn good, the coop mechanic is great as well. Think of Army of Two,Last of us meets gears of war type feel. It has Read more

IF that happens, the NBA will cease to exist as we know it, and all will have to bow to the Warriors... Read more

Beef’s gonna be way more heated when Kevin Durant is a Warrior next season. ;) Read more

That’s what I find most hilarious. They just confirmed for a news outlet that the things claimed by HondAnonymous are accurate. Read more

So, they’re saying all this stuff is CORRECT? Read more

THIS is a Nixon watch:

THIS is a Nixon watch:

Streaming endless Pandora at a high bit rate. Pandora for everyone! Read more

Lionel Hollins, Billy King, and Willie (but not Willis) Reed