Jun 6 2019

people realize that you can still like someone who isn’t a great actor right?

Jun 3 2019

A ceremony called “The Sidebar” where they’re locked in a room with their swords and no food or water and only the victor gets to walk out. 

Feb 25 2019

You know the old saying, “It’s all fun and games until a baby gets locked up or a peach cobbler left too long in the sun tries to kiss you on the mouth”.

Dec 21 2018

all i gleam from your post is that you don’t understand how budgeting works in the US Government. Read more

Oct 31 2018

How about we let the constitutional scholars continue to be nearly unanimous in stating the 14th is settled and cannot be changed by executive order, and if we need any advice on exactly how hot the oil should be before the onion rings go in, we’ll call you.

Jul 26 2018

Exactly! Taking your megayacht on a cruise around Lake Erie is like bringing your Ferrari out for a spin around the mall parking lot.

Mar 5 2018

They’re afraid of a liberal-controlled military, because everyone knows that a liberal controlled military will be sent out to take their homes, their cars on blocks (including the old tree growing through the engine compartment), and everything that’s not nailed down to be distributed in the communist “utopia” Read more

Feb 22 2018

Honestly, you should be shooting everyone you see anytime you step foot outside of your home. They could have a gun. If you wait around, they will probably shoot you first, thinking that you have a gun (side note, you should always have a gun). I just saved your life. You’re welcome.

Jan 16 2018

She also expressed her feelings to him the next day. He heard her out and apologized. I see no reason to doubt the sincerity of his apology. His statement on the matter affirms that he took her words to heart. Read more

Nov 14 2017

I’m sorry, but as a law and order commenter, you’re now suspended until Monday. You can file a formal appeal on Twitter dot com.

Nov 14 2017

I’m all for creative license, KinjaNinja, but this premise goes way too far! Read more

Jul 6 2017

Shortly after the video made its way onto the internet last Friday, the club confirmed that all four players had been released Read more