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And for those who have a hard time on the phone, like me: Read more

“in the eyes of others” being the operative part of that, I believe. *shrug* Read more

That's EXACTLY what I got from this. Read more

Trumpet, then soprano with Santa Clara Vanguard, 2000-2002! Read more

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That is absolutely it; women as a commodity. Read more

It may comfort you to know that the hand-skin-snap-back can be greatly improved with proper hydration? I read a thing somewhere, adjusted my water intake and at least that was the case for me. Read more

“Over 1,000 per year” seems.. super low? It *has* to be much greater, right? Is it just me? Read more

Hi. Person here, with many long time, real life, current friends in the Athens (GA) comedy scene who’ve had the dubious pleasure of working with C.K. Can confirm that a) these whispering about him are practically ancient and b) they absolutely permeate social circles of varying fame. Read more

I had a strikingly similar experience losing my dad and I miss him still, too. Read more

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