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6:01 PM

I’ll have to try this the next time a client tries to sue me. “As a general contractor, I’m not liable for your faulty home! I don’t even own any of the tools used in the construction process. I mean, sure, I told the workers where to go, when to show up, what to do, and how to do it, but they’re the ones who built Read more

9:44 PM

Huh, it never crossed my mind to use Facebook when I worked in child welfare. Between seeing every child and parent face to face once a month, spending days in family court, endless phone calls, referrals, and meetings, I never had the time to eat lunch much less cruise Facebook. Now if we’re talking about invasion of Read more

6:57 PM

These are credit, housing, and jobs they’re talking about. Facebook’s tool allows these companies to decide who gets to see their employment or housing posting, which as Propublica found, resulted in discrimination based on race, disability, and having kids. Discrimination based on these factors is illegal.