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2:57 PM

I think of it more like scrutinizing the regulators for letting unsafe cars on the street: Their job is oversight. But, yeah, we’ll just have to agree to disagree one more time.

2:25 PM

Apple is doing real work on privacy. Apple still has real privacy problems on its platform. Both of these things can be true at the same time.

9:44 PM

I write articles about how bad Facebook and Google are at privacy all the time. I say in this very article that they’re easily worse at it than Apple — who is good at it but can do better. You can breathe now.

6:18 PM

Apple makes the rules for the App Store and can enforce stricter privacy standards which is made obvious by the upcoming rule change about children’s privacy. They could choose to be stronger on App Store privacy across the board. Read more

11:32 AM

It’s a very good idea to buy at least two keys, one for your key chain and one kept safe elsewhere like at home.

5:41 PM

That’s cool, I’m glad it worked out for you. For an immigrant who can’t afford long distance calls, for instance, Facebook becomes a much more effective way to stay in touch with their community. It’s different from person to person. Leaving the platforms is a totally valid move, staying is often understandable.  Read more

2:17 PM

You’re right! I touched on it very very briefly by mentioning the 600 global investments and the $500b value but yes, much more could be said about how this is a mainstream giant and we’ve all probably used services either owned or connected to them in one way or another.