phantom lady
Aug 12

My biggest beef is they don’t have a video with the explicit lyrics (unless it’s somewhere other than YT.)

Apr 9

OK, can we stop with the line that it’s a Dem’s fault (either Biden for encouraging participating, or Bernie for not dropping out sooner) that Wisconsinites had to go out on Tuesday and vote in the Primary? It’s been ALL OVER these sites for the last few days, and it sucks. Read more

Jan 2

Feel like dropping these folks a line? Giving them a phone call? Phone calls are best, they HAVE to answer the phone and they HAVE to listen to you. Just be polite, calm, and use your good words. Read more

Dec 5

Witnesses at the impeachment hearings testified that the State Dept. had concerns that while Hunter’s position was not illegal, it still gave the impression of impropriety as Biden was serving as the administration’s point man on Ukraine. Asking about Biden’s son getting rich off his name like DJTJ is also doing is Read more

Oct 11 2019

I’m aware of how petty and unimportant this is to the subject at hand, but I just hate his fucking hair.

Sep 17 2019

Which is the contradiction of it all: if either Warren or Sanders does win the presidency, those people who elected them will, in many ways, necessarily become their adversaries as the candidates conform to the presidency and, as always, break promises.
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Aug 19 2019

Warren is making good choices. Repairing her relationship with indigenous peoples by proposing policies to benefit them and apologizing for her earlier missteps. She’s acting like the emerging front runner that she is.

Aug 10 2019

You guys. A Jezebel writer said something positive about Taylor Swift, and kinda defended her against an assface. Read more

Jul 26 2019

Not Hevelyn and Shevelyn? That seems like a missed opportunity.

Jul 24 2019

Why should we hate Anne Hathaway again?? She is openly talking about infertility issues, which is still kind of a taboo to talk about, because it’s all woman’s fault