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 I saw posted somewhere official, bring the mail in ballot with you to your poll place and they can mark it invalid. Or something like that.
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I wonder if anyone has taken Shapiro aside to let him know, everyone now knows he’s never made a pussy wet. Then again, who is surprised by this. Read more

Because ABORTION! They knew all this about him back in 2016, but “he’ll stack our courts with anti abortion judges". Well. They are right on that. And it's why they'll look over all the damage he's done. All to end abortions. Read more

The extra point is less then or equal to 12th grade education. It isn’t age related. Read more

I’ll use it along with the bedside WAB, or if dysphagia patients present with cog deficits during eval, because it’s fast. Read more

Who had a contact link for the DNC so we can flood them the reasons not to include Kasinich?  Read more

No! This is not right! This is not hospice! No one should be kept away. This is not the hospice code. As family you get to tell them to Fuck off. Seriously. Hospice is end of life care. Being surrounded by family is the goal. Read more

As a person who works with hospice, the general feeling is “whatever they want”. Family shouldn’t be limited because of the virus. They are going out on their on terms. If you are being kept away, that is antithesis of hospice care. Read more

I read up on it a few years ago when discussing cleft in grad school. He doesn't acknowledge it. Says it repaired itself in utero. Highly unlikely, but it's his story to tell.  Read more

Liar and Warren in the header reads as she is the liar. Optics matter, and this is bad. Read more

This is the first photo I can recall where she doesn’t project a flat affect Read more

Well. You might want to start considering other options because this medical situation isn't good. They recommend low stress situations. I wish him a full recovery.  Read more

Oh, I think there is plenty of photographic evidence that he noticed Ivanka before she was an adult. Read more

And why are the light fixtures/chandeliers hanging so low? It’s all as void of personality as its owners. Read more

Flag etiquette is the hands over heart when the flag is in motion. If it's not moving, you don't need to do it. These "patriots" need to crack a book# Read more

Of course he didn’t read the article. Angry man angry. Details, and facts, are for the weak. Read more

13-15 age range, I belie’ve. Read more

So the male rapists still get parental rights though, yes? Read more

I had to click on the Page 6 link which also didn’t have the sweatshirt featured, but did have a link to follow, which showed the photo of Cyrus with grapefruits is the image on the sweatshirt. And it’s pretty bad. Like, family reunion with a photo from last year’s family reunion glued onto a garment, bad. Read more

I would love for them to cancel based on his comments. Harry at least should say he's our. Read more