Sep 28 2018

Just because your mom told you she loves you doesn’t mean she does.

Sep 27 2018

Not true. They say it when the person is the victim of a police shooting.

Sep 25 2018

Oh please, spare me more stories about the big bad banks. The guy apparently had $4k to put down, he could have had a nice used car for cash. Hell, in 2018 for $4k he could have a pretty decent car, now this story takes place in 1991. A 1988 Blazer was not simply an overpriced beater, he just wanted something better Read more

Sep 17 2018

The funny thing about alcohol is that it works in FAVOR of boys— “he was just drunk, boys will be boys, everybody does it”— but it works AGAINST girls— “why was she drinking in the first place? how much did she have to drink? was she a regular drinker?”

Sep 8 2018

Right, Apple is going spend billions to completely upend a manufacturing and supply chain that’s been refined over decades all over some dumb tariffs that’ll be gone in - PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - two years. Read more

Sep 7 2018

Pretty weird seeing an article advocating animal cruelty on this blog site

Sep 7 2018

Biologist here. Big fan of AV Club, really disappointed to see this reposted here. I was at Hampton Beach when this happened. The full was a juvenile and seriously injured. We’re wiping out their prey and they can’t even get to the water’s edge to catch crabs because asshole humans took over the planet. Hide your Read more

Sep 7 2018

People hate seagulls because they scavenge trash - as if the trash were the seagull’s fault. Who covered this planet in trash? We did, and then we complain when some other species makes use of it. Read more

Sep 5 2018

Well lets see, market it like shit, sell it like shit. It makes perfect sense Ford you fucking idiots. I haven’t seen one commercial, or advertisement for the Continental aside from its initial release. I’m only reminded of its existence when I see the same black one once every few weeks. I would legitimately consider Read more

Sep 5 2018

Come to represent white supremacy by who? Until this article, I didn’t even know this was a thing, and I suspect the overwhelming majority of people, whether they are white or black or any other skin tone, also don’t know this is a thing.

This is like some low-level covert nonsense; the people intentionally flashing Read more