Oct 4 2018

It’s not that unreasonable to take Trump’s advice on this, since getting away with sexual assault is something he’s actually good at (lots of practice).

Oct 1 2018

They could solve all their problems by nominating a female judge. No rapey past, Dems would probably approve.
It says a lot about the GOP that it’s not even a possibility.(oops, reading fail)

Sep 27 2018

Seriously, Caputo can’t even spell “irony”, much less recognize it when it’s pissing on his shoes. Toobin sums up the segment by calling Trump and all the GOP misogynists, racists and rape-enablers; and Caputo is nodding along like they’re being complimented! Sad!

Sep 26 2018

I don’t know how you run a country, but when I run a country, we don’t exile traitors (especially failed ones) - we take them out back and shoot them in the back of the head.

Sep 15 2018

I’ll have to change my riding habits. Motorcyclists often share a wave as they pass, and I’ve always used a low outside OK symbol. Other bikers use a peace symbol, but I find that difficult (old injury). Read more

Sep 10 2018

Medical errors are the third most common cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. 250,000+ per year in hospitals. Every nurse and doctor I’ve known have been over worked and sleep-deprived. Read more

Sep 7 2018

Budget was $200 million, right between Winter Soldier and Civil War, nothing low about that. But I agree, the final fight between two CG digital characters, was a low point. The earlier fight at the waterfall (either of them) was done better and meant more.

Sep 7 2018

People hate seagulls because they scavenge trash - as if the trash were the seagull’s fault. Who covered this planet in trash? We did, and then we complain when some other species makes use of it. Read more