Love Too Type
Jul 7 2016

Well at least we know there’s someone in the UFC who doesn’t use performance enhancers.

May 14 2016

Yes, Italian food towers over French food, and Spanish food is also better.

Apr 28 2016

look mr sherman, i get that you are angry with how much power i have....

Jan 18 2016

Like most other celebs, Magic doesn't actually tweet himself, he gets one of his aids to do it for him.

Oct 19 2015

I feel like soon I’ll start seeing ads where “for a dollar a day, you can keep Bills fans safe and off the streets. Give them a home, a community where they can be themselves.” And it would footage of lawless wasteland. Lord Humongous could easily be a Bills fan.

May 15 2015

Can the Rockets re-hire their Twitter guy for just another day or 2?

Apr 21 2015

We get it all done while you are getting ready in the bathroom

Apr 2 2015

So much this. I live in Austin and would have loved to see McCoy play the full game and that way even if they had still lost, there wouldn’t be giant “What if?” hanging around.

Mar 26 2015

That event also led to the first time Mutombo wagged his finger in front of a teammate's face.