She also looked at Chris Pine like that their entire press tour, so either she did the bingo-bango with both of them (which, understandable) or that’s just how she looks at hot dudes (also understandable).
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Ok, this is depressing. I’m concerned you may be right, though. The Citizens United thing was a truly devastating development, and the voter suppression and gerrymandering that has followed may truly be the last undoing of representative government in these United States. The Supreme Court thing grows more Read more

Brad Pitt - Gwyneth Paltrow - Chris Martin - Katy Perry - Orlando Bloom - Sienna Miller! Whoo! Read more

Really? Granted, he’s going through a hard time, but I would think that 53 is fairly well on the mark.

Sen. Susan Collins just announced she’ll be voting no to the GOP Death Panel Act. Read more

Ugh and he’d try to talk to you about his art too. Read more

God, I miss those guys. It all feels like a fever dream now. 
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For a sec, I thought it said, “Migos and Joe Biden.” Hey, you never know with Joe...

No, that isn’t a fucked up approach. That is EXACTLY how language works. Ask any linguist, anywhere. Read more

“No longer silent we will be heard”

Darling, we have been in denial about this for a long time, but it has been a slow moving coup since the 80's. Read more

If I had known last year that the millionaires would come together to buy this country for dictator-rule by the inhumane and stupid, I wouldn’t have bought a house in America. Read more

This weeekend I watched the new Netflix documentary “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press” that discusses the Thiel funded takedown of Gawker (and his ties to Trump), and the Adelson buy out of the Las Vegas Review Journal, as well as the stated intention of wealthy conservatives to kill off free speech through Read more

That’s it, exactly. Asking how they would spend lottery winnings is a great get to know them question.
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The best thing about buying a lottery ticket is to fantasize about what you would do if you were to win. I only bought one lottery ticket in my life and that’s because in a dream, a magician fanned out a deck and told me to pick. They were all lottery tickets, and the one I picked read, “You won one million dollars”. Read more

As someone who had a terrific, low-cost, temporary experience with the ACA, I say they should keep their hands off the ACA, those damned dirty apes. As an aside, my God Charlton Heston was hot in 1968. This gif doesn’t do him justice.