Handsome as he is - I read about his intense interest in architecture and how much he spoke about it with Jennifer Aniston (directly from an interview with her years ago), and I just remember thinking, “ugh, no.” Like, architecture is a fine interest, sure. But I got the sense, based on the word choices in her Read more

This is such an awesome comment, albeit a very depressing one. My solace is the increased activism. The fact that constituents are making things uncomfortable for GOP congress people (I mean, they don’t really care, but it IS annoying for them.) The Indivisible people and everyone involved in that is also giving me Read more

I always ask this question when I meet new people (and when I used to date). Such a great way to get to the heart of who a person is. What do they care about? What kind of character do they have? What kind of hobbies do they like? So many things springboard off this one question. Read more

These are AMAZING plans. Thanks for adding ideas to my lottery fantasy. I’ve never been to Nantucket but have always wanted to go (and all the times I’ve been to NYC I haven’t seen a show - I know, I know, it’s a shame.) Read more

This might be the worst, most irresponsible thing I’ve ever heard. You must really have to be an asshole without a conscience to produce reality TV. Read more

What’s the app called? I could use this for saving so many people’s tweets. Read more

Librarians and park rangers - some of the best people. Read more

This is a seriously amazing idea. Call your congress men and women to get this idea going! Read more

Yeah no. If that’s all it takes to be a Drumpf supporter than literally everyone who comments on this site is a Drumpf supporter since we’re all connected to or distantly connected to (either via family or a friend of a friend) someone who voted for Drumpf. It’s not like T Swift is directly hanging with vocal Drumpf Read more

That’s why running for office is still a fantasy for me. I have an ever changing thin/thick/thin/thick skin. Without going into too much detail, I had a job where I produced a bunch of very public stuff for awhile, and the inevitable trolls (who were greatly outweighed by the positive people) who commented gave me Read more

Yay you! What kind of exercises are you doing? (I.e. so many trainers ascribe to so many different methods. There’s the classical trainers who use free weights etc., then there are the bodyweight people, then there are the flip-tractor-tires-and-crossfit people, and there are the Orange Theory people, and the TRX Read more

Good luck! I know several smokers who quit after smoking for years upon years. Two of them were my parents (who smoked for years but quit long before they met each other and later had us kids. Note: they met later in life and had children later in life.) Another 3 were friends of mine in college. According to Read more

I think this is true for any movie that comes out and gets immediately hyped up - anyone who sees it after the fact feels let down. Example: I saw the Sixth Sense in the theater on the day that it opened, when no one knew that there even was a surprise twist, so no one was looking for one. And there weren’t spoilers Read more

Such great advice! And damn, this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve noticed lately that when I’ve really agreed with a comment in a particular thread, I’ll notice after the fact that it’s from you, Zeetal! Anyhow, I like what you’re putting out there apparently. And this was so helpful! I have zero plans to actually go Read more

Yes I watch them all. There’s a delicious jez article here about what just happened on RHONY to dive deep into with many comments to peruse and enjoy! Also, brace yourself, because this website is all kinds of amazing for Bravo fans and you’ll be lost for days: Tamara Tattles. Read more

How exciting! And congrats! What kind of work do you do that involves a trip to Barbados? Read more

I’m not familiar with the stores in your area, so I’ll give you general recommendations: if you have a Home Goods nearby, they have great stuff! Also, Gordman’s. Also, some TJ Maxx stores have a Home Goods area inside them (i.e. they’re affiliated with the chain Home Goods). Ikea for the affordable but functional Read more

It’s almost like #45 wants to erase so much of Obama that they can all pretend he was never even president. Fuck that! Read more

I agree with Maryannsue - I almost didn’t go on a second date with my husband too, and I’m so glad I pushed past it and did. In fact, we just had a fantastic day together today! It’s the best relationship of my life. Also on our second date we got into deeper, more meaningful discussions. I had a “well, nothing to Read more

Totally hate it. Largely because it doesn’t work. “It’s job....is to work!” - Matthew Perry re: condoms in Fools Rush In, after impregnating Selma Hayek. I posted this elsewhere and other people are having this same problem: when I try to go back to some of my comments, I can’t get to them. Unless I search through Read more