12/21/18 6:06PM

I hope you are spending your holidaze somewhere lovely with lovely people.   You are hereby invited next year for pie.

12/21/18 2:40PM

Karen is so stupid, she doesn’t know enough languages to know when people are making fun of her right to her face.

12/21/18 2:27PM

You know, I’m beginning to think that police officers are some sensitive ass snowflake motherfuckers who get all in their feelings way too often.

11/21/18 2:59PM

A black woman gave her career life. She’s married to a black man and has black children. Are those the only black people that she sees and whose voices she doesn’t try to stifle? Read more

11/21/18 12:13AM

Just like any good meat cooking: low and slow. Rub that bird down in an herbed butter mixture of your choice (I have my own blend, but a standard ‘poultry seasoning’ will do in a pinch.) Be liberal with it, too, as the fat from the butter will help that lean meat stay moist and flavorful. I sometimes place a few

11/21/18 12:10AM

You know how you cook a turkey on short notice?  You ask Boston Market to do it for you. lol

11/20/18 11:27PM

Thanksgiving will be the first time in a month that I’ll be eating meat. Been doing a mostly vegetarian thing. Been very, very interesting.

11/20/18 11:03PM

Oven bags! Cuts the roasting time waaaaaaay down and helps keep moisture in. Other than actually getting the bird into the bag in the first place, it’s super easy. Read more

11/20/18 10:49PM

I’ve actually never cooked a whole turkey. This year I am invited to a friend’s house, so once again I shall not do so. Read more

11/20/18 9:18PM

Totally clear. And that is all. Happy holiday (if you celebrate this one).

11/20/18 8:30PM

And still...because most respectful, intellectually and rationally sound, super-adult arguments begin with calling someone “lady” (as opposed to “a lady” ...which is still eww, for the record. Check that.). Read more

11/19/18 2:13PM

I didn’t know about Jackson hiring Mason until the news broke of that monster/coward killing her. Read more

11/19/18 2:04PM

I avoid local news like the plague and havent talked to anyone all weekend so I hadnt heard about this but I remember when that useless jackass Frank Jackson hired Mason in the first place and people (i.e. black women) were incensed.  How in the fuck you can even hold any sort of government position with that on your Read more