12/21/18 7:24PM

I’ll be consistent with my past comments: there are no good cops.

12/21/18 7:19PM

Since 45 won the war on Christmas, I guess I can now say here among the people, Merry Christmas, Rooo - I hope you enjoy what you enjoy and have a drink for me (non alcoholic)! Salute!

12/21/18 7:17PM

Hey, Karen, while you’re in that Mexican store, might I suggest some sweetbread, tamales, and any one of hundreds of peppers and spices that.. okay, forget the spices, that’s too far for you, but the sweet bread is the best.

11/27/18 12:36AM

I wish the best for him. He doesn’t stand a chance. Sac is decidedly “blue” but blue with white dems who support the repub da (And all the repub da’s before her) and repub sheriff and keeps voting for higher taxes for cops... Plus, after the mess the pedo Kevin Johnson made of things... just no. Read more

11/21/18 2:00AM

Oven bags. Plenty of seasoning, duh, butter between the skin and meat (ha ha), and let it slow cook for 4-6 hours, depending on size (your turkey will give you size/time estimates so trust those they are always correct). Read more

11/21/18 1:47AM

It might just be because I’m not clued in, but it *seems that Black men are awfully quiet about this case and... really... almost all domestic abuse we perpetrate on Black women. Read more

11/21/18 1:25AM

Interestingly... you leave out the crucial fact there was no westward expansion without Black americans. So, your very criticism of the Coens, while valid and consistent with their body of work, erases Black folk.

11/21/18 1:05AM

Not a single good person in this story from the law, judge, of course the pigs and their stupid unions... all over WEED which that city says they won’t prosecute as long as you’re white.

11/21/18 1:01AM

Sorry for your tough year and loss. It’s horrible and I wish there was a way to ease through it. So, take those words and let them do what you need. As the commentariat often says... hugs to you, friend.

11/17/18 12:33AM

Good old white dems in Sac fully support the republican DA who has NEVER charged a cop for killing.. and fully support a known racist sheriff, and fully support allll the bullshit the city PD is spewing over all their cop killings and bullshit. These are your white liberals.

11/17/18 12:27AM

Followed your story from end to end. Whew. As an older guy, you fully nailed him. It was spot on and whether he ever admits it, he needed to hear/read those words. Read more

11/17/18 12:12AM

I waited for The Journalist to take down that idiot. She was destroyed on her twitter feed, as well she should have. Read more

11/15/18 8:52PM

Van is that slave who gets happy when mass pats him on the head, calls him “mah boy” and walks away.

11/08/18 11:30PM

Fuck that guy from 2016 to 2020. He will NEVER win the Black vote. Never. Black women hate him and that will not change. His fucking bernie bros are the worst and think berating non bernie voters is a winning ticket.

11/08/18 11:22PM

Whew. Ok, that one with the tiny white girl body.. and then, BAM, extra thicc and.. wut? 

11/06/18 8:26PM

Never, ever, ever, call a black man born in 1954 the n-word to his face, repeatedly. Lemme tell you, that man grew up in the 1960's and 70's and he WILL have flashbacks to some shit. Read more