9/06/19 7:17PM

The only state I’ve ever been to where I thought “I get why everyone here does meth.”

9/06/19 6:56PM

I got fingered at 3 am in the back of a rickshaw in Delhi, India after the end of a giant outdoor wedding. I will never forget the smell.

9/06/19 6:50PM

On top of my ex? He hated showering so only did it once or twice a month. He liked it when I would lightly scratch his back (not as part of sex, just as a relaxing thing) and I would end up with gunk under my nails afterward. My explanation is I was... going through a lot.

9/06/19 6:21PM

With all due respect, I think not only did eats books and leaves answer the question you asked last week as well as everyone else, she gave the answer we should ALL be giving. It’s why she got all the stars. Read more

9/05/19 3:04PM

Katie Hopkins is a nobody - she’s reality show famous and now her political opinions are supposed to matter?

9/05/19 2:07PM

She’s breathtakingly gorgeous but in that way where you can’t even be mad about it. And then, on top of it all, she has FRECKLES and they are ADORABLE. 

9/05/19 1:20PM

She has the most winsome smile. I mean, she’s beautiful, but her smile might be the best human smile out there right now. It’s goddamn infectious. Even to me, a big meanie.

9/05/19 12:21PM

They still had an indigenous population to colonize and hate and feel superior to.

9/05/19 12:17PM

What gets me is that there is a Royal who has convorted with an actual pedophile and may have done so himself, but yes, let’s have two embittered women snipe about Meghan “I glow with happiness’ Markle.

9/05/19 12:10PM

Being Black AND American is a crime and an atrocity in England. They are taking a page from the US it seems. 😑😄

9/05/19 12:10PM

She didn’t “know her place” and even though I shouldn't be, I'm genuinely shocked at how nasty some white people are when we dare to enter their hallowed spaces.

9/05/19 11:46AM

She’s a “social climber.” Which could be said about literally anyone who marries royalty, but especially people who aren’t white.

9/05/19 11:18AM

Why are so many Australians racist? I understand the dynamics in the US, but not them.