4/23/20 10:14PM

Those things are frigging cool! Unfortunately, I live in Oklahoma and have maybe seen 3 in my life.

4/23/20 10:12PM

Sure, I can absolutely see that, but I’m not going to act like the Avenger is objectively bad looking. I mean it has a couple of  faults would change or remove (namely that odd double crease at the base of the C-pillar and the crosshair grill), but other than that, I’d say it’s fairly inoffensive.

4/23/20 8:33PM

Man, the styling of most modern EV’s isn’t my cup of tea, but I must admit this is a really handsome ca.....SU-........vehicle.

1/03/19 12:51PM

Absolutely. He was the first one to advocate for it before he got shut down by GM politics and bean counters. Read more

11/09/18 4:21PM

I’m going to Germany in May for a study abroad trip! I already know the entire group will be seeing the Porsche Museum (and hopefully the Nurburgring). Is there any travel advice you guys could give for Deutschland? Also, anything you recommend to see/do/try on my own free time, car related or not?

9/19/18 9:48AM

Someone in my dorm has a silver one of these in turbo form that has been catching my eye since move-in day. I wish I could find out who’s it is. Combine that with someone else’s super clean Mazda B2600i and you’ve got the beginnings of a radwood meet.

4/15/18 1:05PM

Not necessarily cool in the classical sense, but it’s definitely Jalop.

4/05/18 9:28PM

The C5 is the reason I became a car enthusiast. It was in the middle of it’s run when I was a little kid, I remember asking my dad “what’s your favorite car?” Though I’m sure he had/has many, the answer he gave me was “Corvette.” The next time we were on the road together, he pointed one out. I saw the wide, sleek Read more

11/15/17 9:44AM

If I were at home I would include a picture of my old No. 8 die cast that I’ve had since I was about 3, but I just have to say that this man was and still is my hero. My father was the one who introduced me to NASCAR, which was one of the reasons I became a car enthusiast. More than that, it also introduced me to my Read more

10/24/17 9:12AM

My mother worked in sales at the Mercury/MerCruiser plant in Stillwater, Oklahoma when she was in college, at the same time they were building the LT5s. From what I hear they kept that area of the factory sealed off from regular employees and well guarded. And why wouldn’t they? Man, what an engine.

8/11/17 4:58PM

What do you guys think of the Hoonigan cars coming to Forza (both Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7)?

3/17/17 10:02AM

That’s new. I’ve never seen a car with a Gulf livery on the inside.

3/01/17 8:27PM

Reminds me of the Range Stormer concept from ‘04, just with four doors and evolved styling.

2/01/17 4:47PM

I found an someone trying to sell off his 224,000 mile 1996 Isuzu Trooper with what he thinks is a cracked head for, get this...$300K. However, the car is one (or a few) of his works, so that might add some value. He wants to find a buyer to “invest in his dreams”. I hope he finds somebody, but I cannot fathom paying

1/25/17 9:27AM

Here’s another that I fell in love with while looking for a picture. Thanks for helping me find this beauty, Pat.

12/22/16 3:21PM

Thanks for the advice! I’ll look into one for Christmas.

12/20/16 5:51PM

Glad to see another happy C3 owner on here! My dad passed mine down to me when he “upgraded” to an ‘11 Sierra SLE. Sometimes I think he regrets it, but I couldn’t be happier!