why not reboot trek entirely? Read more

Anyone can ‘sue’ for damages. If there are no damages, case goes nowhere fast. Read more

Rivan isn’t a thing, it’s a kickstarter basically. Read more

The Cybertruck is fucked. The *factory* isn’t finished being made yet ffs. Read more

nah OP is right and your points wither under scrutiny Read more

this is a middle-school level response Read more

none of those are good prequels Read more

This article is bullshit and completely omits important details to fit a narrative, a false narrative. Read more

Yes, I am rushing to go back to the theater. Read more

you are all just a circle jerk complaining Read more

This isn’t about ‘cannon’...that’s a straw man red herring this is about bad writing. Read more

I think a script like this gets written when two men who weren’t cool in high school try to impress each other with the antics they imagined happening at cool parties, then try to write the more extreme version kids these days are getting into. Read more

“Just normal kids but with one small slide into depravity their whole concept of civilization and morality grumble down and they become monsters”. I personal don’t believe that is how most people work Read more

If you used the internet before graduating high school you are a millennial. Read more

The sequel trilogy is garbage and rightly criticized. Read more

The 3 films of the Sequel Trilogy are worse than any of the originals or prequels. Read more