hocuspocusoctopus says wash your damn hands
8:23 PM

You know... I assumed he was saying that he is 27 and just never washed his hands. But now, I’m wondering if he grew up hating authority and the only way to fight back is to turn 18 and then not wash your hands and therefore make everyone else sick.

8:16 PM

The internet has shown me that people love being nasty. I’ll never forget my brain first breaking when Jez writers (who live in NYC) were very comfortable going about their day in a major city and then getting home to not bathe themselves properly.
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7:18 PM

I feel myself becoming a germophobe over the last few years. I truly was under the impression that most people washed their hands and just the random weirdo would leave a public restroom without washing. But nope! I was lying to myself.
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