If the controls are gonna be like a spaceship, I’m hoping he chose to model it after Flight of the Navigator....

As this is Jalopnik, and I'm sure someone has already suggested a Miata (that's always the answer, right?), I'll give the other pat response: brown, manual, wagon. Read more

Most of us increase in size through the years by gaining a spare tire. The CR-V stayed the same size by losing one (off the back). Still, I didn't realize it was about the same length now as a Mazda3 Hatch - the CR-V appears a lot bigger. Read more

"I wonder if Salvador Dali ever read any Nietzche and contemplated what life was really like before the 1900s...." Read more

"Monday morning when I answered the door there were twenty-one new real estate agents there, all in horrible polyester gold jackets."

Actually, observed passage of time is much more strongly influenced by level of boredom than intensity of gravity. Read more

None of my friends pop up. But I must say I'm curious why I would be calling these FloatNote Reminders in the first place.... (c; Read more

yup. Fort Sumner is in New Mexico. Read more

... or a strong appetite for challenges. Read more

Why are we assuming that the gods from last week's puzzle all speak the same language? It just says that they answer in "their own language" — how do we know it's all the same one? Read more

Llama does more than just locations, and its location service doesn't require GPS to be on (battery saving option for many). For example, I don't leave bluetooth on all the time, and have two functions setup to have it automatically turn on to connect to my car. First, I have it set so when I leave my designated Read more

Another alternative.... IF you have a good relationship with your bank/credit union, see if you can take out a personal loan that you can immediately use to pay down the auto loan. This will give you a vehicle to trade that won't be quite as upside down. Then it'll be easier to find a lender that will approve your Read more

I don't think it's a Hyundai (sorry, Travis) — the roof isn't one of their panoramics. Not a Buick without the waterfall grille. Looks FWD. Why not a Malibu body refresh to align more closely to the design of the Impala? Read more