But none of these factors seemed to matter to Democratic Party operatives and a wide swath of the party’s voters,”

You make it sound like a conspiracy that people voted for him. People voted for him; that is it. That is all of it

Other than him choosing to step down, nothing is changing that.

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Just as a note: When you continually prop up your own argument by seeking to mischaracterize what other people are saying, that’s a tell.

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It has nothing to do with how I think she “should” have responded to her purported trauma. Should have is neither here nor there. But if you’re literally going to try to say that “believe women” is a policy that should overlook pertinent questions about a person’s credibility, then I’m going to suggest that you don’t Read more

It’s not about being pro- or anti-American. As I said, this very well could have happened to her. But it’s not ideal for her credibility that as recently as two years ago, she was singing the praises of a strong-arm dictator who helped to elevate a man that bragged about committing, again, precisely the assault she Read more

Thank you for writing this. Suddenly Bernie is all about protecting reproductive rights? 2016 wasn’t long enough ago for me to forget he dismissed Planned Parenthood as establishment. SCOTUS has 2 judges that it didn’t have in 2016 which is much more hostile to reproductive rights and civil rights in general. Read more

If I can have the hubris to pretend I’m actually going to be heard. I think you should examine why women are, in greater numbers, voting against you than for you. It’s not Biden’s history with Hyde either. Read more

She appears to be a train wreck filled with toxic energy.  Read more

Peter needs to move out of his momma’s damn house. Read more

I sympathize with her, but she should really testify. While some people like to look at Manning as a hero and others like to view her as something more of a villain or stooge, I think the truth is that she is today, just as she was 10 years ago, an emotionally troubled person who is predisposed to doing Read more

So, why exactly does E. Warren need to endorse RIGHT NOW? How does waiting make her graceless exactly?
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If Bernie had been able to deliver on his promise to increase turnout and was on his way to the nomination, I would vote for him. It would be a protest against Trump, but he would have my vote. It’s not happening for him and he needs to be gracious about this and just step aside. I like AOC and the younger generation. Read more

Did you see her say that she needs time? She can take it. Kamala took some time endorsing Biden too. That’s not an issue. Read more

I voted for Warren because unlike Bernie who just shouts out ideas with little regard for how it will actually happen, Warren backed hers up with solid plans and data. It wasn’t all just wanting to hear the sound of her own voice. Read more

I was going to vote for Warren had she won the nomination, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Read more

Bernie’s message would go so much further if it wasn’t coming out of Bernie’s mouth *Shrugs*. At the end of the day, I think he’s a fucking hypocrite. He throws a lot of shade at middle class Americans, especially when you remember that he himself is a millionaire who has never held a blue collar job in his life and Read more

I couldn’t care less if Madison is “saving herself” or whatever. People get to decide what to do with their own bodies. People get to say I don’t want to continue in our relationship if you fuck two other girls then try to propose to me within the week. And I know you aren’t just talking about virginity, but also the Read more

Thank you!! I have said before I love Bernie’s ideas but I can’t stand the messenger. I loved Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. She said the exact things Bernie stands for but she knew it wasn’t her time this election cycle. And certainly she was right to acknowledge the role sexism played and the bad treatment she got at Read more

Let it never be said that Bernie Sanders is anything but a narcissistic sociopath.  Read more