I imagine his place is permanently derailed because of legal concerns. If the Try Guys employ the woman who was part of the affair, and Ned was her employer, that's already on dicey grounds. And now that the affair is exposed, the two can't keep working together unless the Try Guys are willing to trash their public Read more

Before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, I’d have been far more skeptical of Feldman’s hacking claim. But considering that Weinstein hired actual former Mossad agents to befriend and manipulate Rose McGowan in an attempt to discredit her and protect his career, I can’t say I find it hard to believe that other Read more

Are you saying that Warren defeated an incumbent Republican in the ‘90’s? If so, that would be incorrect. She never sought public office until November 2012, which is when she defeated Republican incumbent Scott Brown for the Senate seat she currently holds. Read more

The key to this type of prosecution is proof that the supposed psychic was knowingly and intentionally lying. That’s also what distinguishes the kind of case described above from your average televangelist. I think you absolutely could prosecute a televangelist for larceny by trick if you could prove that a particular Read more

Yesterday I read that hyoid bone fractures are seen in 25% of suicides by hanging and 35% of strangulation deaths. Thus, it’s slightly more common in strangulations than hangings, but not so much as to cast doubt upon the possibility of suicide by hanging when a broken hyoid bone is discovered during autopsy. Read more

Here’s where I have lots of difficulty believing he was killed by someone else: his first suicide attempt, which he survived. If he lacked the courage to commit suicide, then it stands to reason that the first “attempt” was, in reality, an assault by someone else that’s made to look like a suicide attempt. But if that Read more

“Are you on the spectrum or something? No need to repeat something that was stupid the first time.” Read more

Why do you say “but he stopped short,” as though Mueller had a full opportunity and guaranteed ability to discover the true reasons why Putin holds so much power over The Donald? You seem to be suggesting that Mueller could have found the answers to the still unanswered questions but for reasons unknown to anyone, simp Read more

Except she completely lacked charisma or the ability to connect with voters on a personal level. Biden isn’t Hillary, and a great many of us would be thrilled to see a return of the economic prosperity and growth of the Obama and Clinton eras. Read more

A huge swath of people view the Clinton and Obama administrations as periods of enormous economic growth (or even prosperity in Clinton’s case) and sweeping social progress, especially (but not only) when compared to the regressive eras of Bush I & II, and now Trump. The people Biden appeals to are the middle class Ame Read more

Pooping on other Democrats a year and a half before the election, like CAP, is invidious and just shows that these folks are living in the past and too reluctant to give up the reins of power. Whom does that resemble?” Read more

Gonna have to raise the skeptic’s eyebrow towards you, there...I’m pretty sure Florida Man has to be the weirdest thing about America regardless of whether or not you own a television set. Read more

Oh cool! Here’s our first look at the kinds of memes Russians are gonna spread this time around to divide the Democrats and hand Trump 4 more years! Read more

It’s not that people disbelieve her. Everyone has seen photos & videos of Biden doing the same thing to others. The issue is whether his behavior was well-intentioned or ill-intentioned. If well-intentioned (which most people seem to agree is the case), then the question is how much scorn or political damage a 76-year- Read more

I LOVE your definition of Connecticut white folk, lol. It’s so true. I should know ~ I’m one of them. :-P Read more

So that settles the whole “Is God real?” debate, apparently. Read more

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (/jɪn/ and /jɑːŋ, jæŋ/; Chinese:  yīnyáng, lit. ‘dark-bright’, ‘negative-positive’) describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they Read more

How does giving money to scams “weedout the stupid from the population?”  Read more

What IS “access journalism?” I mean, I have a bit of an idea based on some of the criticisms you’ve made, but it would have been helpful to start off with a more objective definition of it so that readers could form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions. Read more