Homicidal Terrahawk
Sep 11 2019

If your buddy grew up on Long Island, that wasn’t the first fight he saw. Or was a part of. Nor is it why he doesn’t drink.

Jul 25 2019

I’m not at all surprised that Kolašinac tried to fight off two men armed with knives. Say what you will about his abilities as a footballer, but that is one man you do not want to fuck with. The robbers clearly didn’t do their homework.

Jul 25 2019

The only way to stop a bad guy with a knife is a Bosnian with two fists and no sense of fear.

Jul 4 2019

Let’s be honest here. If the paramedics amputated the arm at the scene, they were most likely finishing a job the accident started.

Nov 12 2018

The Detroit Lions have a play called the Roseanne Barr, a very unattractive play where Matt Stafford literally shits his pants and then throws an unadvised lateral to a RB that results in a fumble.

Aug 9 2018

Newton needs to understand that Benjamin is no longer a Panther and he doesn’t belong to Cam Newton. It’s not like Newton put his name on Benjamin and then threw him out the window when the Bills came calling.

Jul 10 2018

This seemed like a Billy Haisley article with Patrick Redford’s name on the byline. France doesn’t playultra-conservative,” Giroud’s not as crap as he’s made to sound, and ffs, no one in the world would ever describe Blaise Matuidi as “leaden.” He’s fast as shit, tall and wiry, and a brilliant all-around box-to-box Read more

Jul 10 2018

The amount of work Olivier Giroud has been doing for this team is unbelievable. Throughout this World Cup, he has been great at passing the ball, creating space for his partners AND playing defensively like never before in his career. Plus, today he created the corner from which France scored their only goal. Calling Read more

May 16 2018

Indeed. Watch Hill or Korver try to play on-the-ball defense against Rozier, Brown or Smart. Just token pressure until the blow-by. Then, the rest of this clown menagerie is too lazy to rotate and help. It’s agonizing.

May 11 2018

Is there some available coach out there who has a secret plan for making James less good at basketball?

Mar 7 2018

Just think, due to our fine president’s willingness to confront a shooter, the next great QB may be able to call Trump University his alma mater.

Dec 19 2017

KD just announced that he will be signing with The Larry Nances Juniors